Americans’ Retirement Savings

Five Jaw-Dropping Stats About Americans’ Retirement Savings We think of retirement as a relaxing, carefree time in our lives when we can do whatever we please, but for many working Americans today, retirement will be more of a nightmare than a dream. Study after study has shown that many Americans are well behind where they […]

Reverse Mortgage Use

The HECM Reverse Mortgage has many ways people use it today. Consumer Eliminate current mortgage and payment. Eliminate HELOC that is due and payable in 10 years Use for medical expenses or in-home care Update or make repairs on your home Bankers I can help when a retiree comes in with a HELOC that needs […]

Social Security Insecurity

Social Security Insecurity Pressing The Reset Button: The Gap Years. Social Security & an IPA Social Security Insecurity. As human lifespan climbs steadily towards the century mark, Social Security is only one — and woefully inadequate — means of funding a lengthening retirement period. In fact, we’re in the midst of creating second-stage work lives, or […]

A Mortgage That Pays You

A Mortgage That Pays You. Your parents have spent years faithfully making monthly mortgage payments. Maybe it’s time to let that hard-earned equity give them cash in their bank account. I found this explanation in the Family Circle and thought to myself ” I continue to bring people Reverse Mortgage news, but usually it’s from […]

Saving for Retirement

Saving for Retirement: How Do You Stack Up? Ever wonder how you are doing planning for retirement? Kiplinger’s set out to find out for you. A new poll conducted by Kiplinger and Personal Capital reveals Americans are serious about preparing for retirement. See how your savings — and confidence level — measure up. Americans are […]

Retirement Income Stabilizer

Mortgage Professor’ to Launch ‘Retirement Income Stabilizer A forthcoming program aimed to stabilize retirees’ finances will help connect the dots for those striving to establish their post-working life’s income. The program is being established by Jack Guttentag, a.k.a. “The Mortgage Professor,” who has long been a proponent of reverse mortgage use. He identifies issues ranging […]

High Homeownership Future

 High Homeownership, Low Income Are Future For America’s Seniors from Harvard A new report from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies reveals emerging trends for America’s senior population, as well as notable implications for the future of the reverse mortgage market. The market for home equity solutions appears to be growing, based on the findings from the […]