High Homeownership Future

 High Homeownership, Low Income Are Future For America’s Seniors from Harvard A new report from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies reveals emerging trends for America’s senior population, as well as notable implications for the future of the reverse mortgage market. The market for home equity solutions appears to be growing, based on the findings from the […]

Experts Tout Benefits

Experts Tout Benefits of Reverse Mortgages to Financial Planners Reverse Mortgages are not looked at anymore as a bad thing, but a longevity tool. Several Ivy League economy colleges have study groups looking for ways to take care of our aging. A Reverse Mortgage can benefit by supplementing your retirement income. As finances are uncertain […]

Are Reverse Mortgages Unduly Risky

Are Reverse Mortgages Unduly Risky? We are seeing more and more financial planners in Alabama accept Reverse Mortgage help a senior have a better lifestyle. My clients now are usually millionaires. One financial planner told me that FINRA said years ago they approve and I have a fiduciary duty to tell my clients about everything […]

Very Intellectual Client

Very Intellectual Client I received a call one day from a financial planner that he and his client were interviewing Reverse Mortgage experts for her Reverse Mortgage. I arrived and noticed a business card from the only person in the state that I consider as knowledgeable as myself. At that point I felt sunk, proceeded […]

Healthy Marriage While Caregiving

Healthy Marriage While Caregiving Caring for an aging parent can be stressful beyond belief. In fact, full-time caregivers are at increased risk for depression, health problems and substance abuse. It only makes sense that the strain can also take a serious toll on caregivers’ relationships with their significant others. While the things necessary for maintaining […]

Social Security benefits

What you don’t know about Social Security benefits could cost you For so many, Social Security is the safety net they just cannot live without. But knowing when to collect your benefits and understanding the system’s complex rules can be very vexing. In a poll earlier this year conducted for MassMutual, nearly half of respondents […]

Line of Credit Payment

DEFINITION of ‘Line-of-Credit Payment Plan. A recent article on investopedia that explains ye line of credit benefit. A method of receiving reverse mortgage proceeds that lets the homeowner borrow funds only as needed. The line-of-credit payment plan establishes a total amount the homeowner can borrow, called the initial principal limit, based on the homeowner’s age, the home’s […]

Senior Care Options

3 Questions for Clients Who Are Looking at Senior Care Options Some clients have to move from planning for long-term care to implementing the plan. Financial advisors wear many hats when providing their clients with guidance about their futures, and fielding questions about care for aging parents often comes with the territory. Choosing the right […]