Boomers lack one months savings

21% of Boomers Lack Savings for One Month’s Savings We want to keep people aware that they aren’t alone when it comes to not being ready to retire. Yet another poll reveals that all generations feel unprepared when it comes to retirement savings — with 21% of baby boomers lacking adequate savings to cover one […]

78% of Seniors Own Homes Outright

78% of Seniors Own Homes Outright, But Some Struggle with Upkeep Financial Planners and some of the financial community have embraced the newer safer Reverse Mortgage because our seniors are living so long, but the retirement account cant keep up. The vast majority — 78% —  of homes in the U.S. headed by someone age […]

Bad news: Your 401k

pulling out hair

Bad news: Your 401k won’t give you a decent retirement I wont ever forget a man in Huntsville, AL. Most of my clients are military and very smart. He had planned for retirement just as most people did. He came to see me and told me that his 401k was to last him to age […]

Bank, Credit Union, Financial Planners

I have noticed a tremendous upswing of clients who went to their bank, credit union, or financial planner to ask who does Reverse Mortgages? Usually they find me because a friend was a previous client or the internet. I just simply want the local Birmingham and Huntsville Bank, Credit Union, and Financial Planner to be […]

You’re Approaching Retirement with Debt

You’re Approaching Retirement and in Debt, Now What? A Study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute indicated that nearly 70% of retirees have debt and nearly 50% of retirees over the age of 75 are still managing debt. by Stuart Welch of Birmingham and Birmingham’s Managing cash flow during retirement is tough enough without […]