Million in retirement savings

Million in Retirement Savings Can Disappear in 11 Years I bring these articles to my blog to hep people understand that a Reverse Mortgage is not a last resort product buy any means. Now economists are trying to find ways to help people make it in to their golden years and even be able to […]

Very Intellectual Client

Very Intellectual Client I received a call one day from a financial planner that he and his client were interviewing Reverse Mortgage experts for her Reverse Mortgage. I arrived and noticed a business card from the only person in the state that I consider as knowledgeable as myself. At that point I felt sunk, proceeded […]

financial advisors are uninformed

Most financial advisors are uninformed and misinformed when it comes to the importance of reverse mortgages, and it’s time for this to change.  The Funding Longevity Task Force wants YOU… to know about reverse mortgages. Financial Planners and Elder Care attorneys are recommending Reverse Mortgages now because people are living longer. The 401k came out […]

Retirement Plans

Expert Calls for Lower Costs on Reverse Mortgages Used in Retirement Plans Now that today’s Reverse Mortgage is so much safer than before, financial planners are recommending them as a safety net or as a long term care substitute. A leading expert on reverse mortgages called on the Department of Housing and Urban Development to […]

Originating Reverse Mortgages

Originating Reverse Mortgages is often a heart wrenching reality. I think back on the people that I have helped over the years in my Reverse Mortgage experience. Some of the people stand out to me more than others for various reasons. I was just remembering a lovely lady that really made me cry when she […]