Florida Retirees Relocating

Florida Retirees Relocating: Here’s Where They’re Going Instead Once thought of as the ideal place to live out one’s golden years, Florida is quickly losing favor with retirees. Remote workers and the wealthy are flocking to the state and driving up home prices, leaving those on a fixed income feeling the pinch. In just half a decade, […]

Best Small Towns For Retirement

Best Small Towns For Retirement When looking for a city to retire in, you should consider all factors that could add to a high quality of life. Affordability can be essential for older adults on a fixed monthly income. Walkability, access to healthcare and recreational activity, and a low crime rate can all make a retirement city ideal. […]

How To Buy a House When You’re Retired

How To Buy a House When You’re Retired People entering into retirement may consider purchasing a home once they do so. However, most retirees are on a fixed income in their retirement years and must be careful when considering using their savings for a major purchase. Retirement at Any Age: Get Top Retirement Tips for […]

Think you can’t buy a house if you are an older adult, or self-employed?

Think you can’t buy a house if you are an older adult, or self-employed? It might be possible. ‘There is a misconception that older adults cannot obtain a mortgage.’ How I bought my first house in my 60s I wanted to buy a house of my own. After several years filled with changes in location, […]

Mortgage Tips for Retirees

Mortgage Tips for Retirees Sure, your grandma and grandpa may have stayed put once they left the workforce, but you likely have other plans. Now more than ever, it seems retirees are on the move—and buying new homes. About 18% of homebuyers were younger baby boomers (aged 56 to 65) in 2021. And older boomers […]

Reverse Mortgage purchase

The Reverse Mortgage purchase can help out more in a market with low inventory. In today’s market with not enough inventory wouldn’t you love to be able to magically double your clients purchasing power, especially if they were thinking they could buy more home than they actually can? If they are age 62 or above, […]

Leveraging HomeEquity

Rethinking estate planning: Leveraging HomeEquity’s CHIP Reverse Mortgage Wealth Professional spoke to HomeEquity’s Andrew Cairns about the timely topic of estate planning. Rethinking estate planning: Leveraging HomeEquity’s CHIP Reverse Mortgage By Chris Davies “I think,” says Andrew Cairns, National Lead of Wealth Management at HomeEquity Bank, “that there’s an opportunity for reverse mortgages to put […]

Reverse Mortgage for Purchase Details


Reverse Mortgage for Purchase Details by Forbes The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) for Purchase program was initially designed in such a way so that a previously more complicated process involving two mortgage transactions could be simplified, according to Dr. Wade Pfau, professor of retirement income at the American College of Financial Services, in a new piece at […]

Active 55+ Communities

Active 55+ Communities Active 55+ Communities Present Growing Reverse Mortgage Opportunity. We know of many in Birmingham that people are using a Reverse Mortgage (HECM) Purchase to buy. I believe this to be a big way to save retirement funds from the sale of the last home. Lifestyle communities for residents over the age of 55 […]

Rise of single woman buyer

WSJ: The Rise of the 55+ Single Woman Home Buyer with HECM for Purchase Single women over 55 continue to be a growing segment of the homebuyer population, according to research presented in a recent Wall Street Journal article. Citing research form Ralph McLaughlin, the founder and chief economist at Veritas Urbis Economics in Alameda, Calif., the article states […]