Reverse Mortgage – HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) Experts.

Reverse Mortgage Alabama has been exclusive to the Reverse Mortgage program in Birmingham and Huntsville since 2007; helping many satisfied Alabama homeowners turn equity into cash with an FHA insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. .Bank, Credit Union, Financial Planners.  Looking for mortgages or refinance?

A Reverse Mortgage or (HECM) Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is designed especially for seniors age 62 and older to be able to access the equity in their home to help them live their lives more financially comfortable. Some need to eliminate a house payment. Some need to supplement their monthly income. Others need to do some much-needed repairs to their home.

Reverse Mortgage Alabama LLC;  joined SMG Mortgage headquartered in Birmingham, AL as their “senior lending division”. We have a local Birmingham office, but can make house calls to Trussville, Gardendale, Pelham, etc. and our Huntsville office covers surrounding areas such as Decatur, Madison, and Owens Crossroads, etc. We have a Mobile / South Alabama office as well.

That joining of the 2 forces lets us be extremely competitive with anyone, because we have partnerships with the top lenders and low overhead because everything is done local. Our combined 20 years Reverse Mortgage experience helps also.

We make a Reverse Mortgage trouble free with us behind the scenes team that can get you the best deal possible while giving you personalized service. The big TV lenders are telling their clients to expect 3 months. Reverse Mortgage Alabama will have you closed in 30 days or less. Even if you have already started the process with another lender, they are able to request your file from FHA and close your Reverse Mortgage faster with less costs.

Why wouldn’t you work with a local Reverse Mortgage expert? We will take the time to thoroughly explain how the Reverse Mortgage works and answer any questions that you may have about your personal financial situation and what your specific goals are. Call or fill out the quick quote form above for a free no obligation Reverse Mortgage guide. You will get an accurate illustration, answers to pros and cons, the requirements and examples. With our experience, they will help you choose the best scenario for your financial future.

Reverse Mortgage Alabama, LLC is the senior lending division of SMG Mortgage who can handle any mortgages and re-finances - our team has over 100 years experience!