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Reverse Mortgage Alabama in Birmingham and Huntsville has been exclusive to the Reverse Mortgage since 2007.

Reverse Mortgage Alabama helps people find a clear path toward their ideal retirement. Learn more about unlocking your home equity. I am honored to serve homeowners aged sixty-two plus throughout the South and I am dedicated to helping you leverage the power of your home equity to achieve greater financial independence. The 2023 limit for FHA Reverse Mortgages has been raised to $1,089,300!!! The threshold is much higher before you need a jumbo now. Ask me about 55 and up Reverse Mortgages and Jumbo’s for over 1.1 million dollar homes! We make house calls to most areas!!

We close Reverse Mortgages fast- our running average is 20-30 days; from calling me until sitting at closing! Don’t get less dealing with the slow out of town lenders, we represent many of the top lenders, but we handle the process locally until after closing; making us 2-4 times as fast to close.If you have already started the process with another lender; possibly long distance and you are not happy with the service; some loan officers hand your file off to 10 people, I work with you the whole time as your constant and only contact. I can transfer everything in 3 days- title work, counseling certificate, and appraisal (if done already). Deal with your local expert with years of  Reverse Mortgage only experience who will give you one on one service!

FAQ LINKS  What is a Reverse Mortgage    Reverse Mortgage Purchase.  to be used to buy your next home with a Reverse Mortgage. Educational Video Series Smart Reverse  has short videos to answer Reverse Mortgage questions. Should I consider a refinance or Reverse Mortgage.  What is Financial Assessment?  Reverse Mortgage Appraisal Questions.  Reverse Mortgage rate expectation for the remainder of 2023.  How to pay for in home care.

I will go over how the Reverse Mortgage works, pros and cons, answer any questions that you may have about your personal financial situation and your specific goals, reverse mortgage rules, reverse mortgage examples, and any other questions. I have been though elder care planning, have a good handle on V.A. benefits, I have personally been a caregiver, and know more than most anyone about any senior concern. I am extremely experienced in using a Reverse Mortgage to fund keeping a loved one at home. Please contact me you to contact me for fast no hassle Reverse Mortgage information and an illustration.

I am dedicated to helping you leverage the power of your home equity to achieve greater financial independence. In recent years and with significant improvements made to the program, Reverse Mortgages have become a smart and safe way for seniors to be better financially prepared for the future – and live more comfortably. This equity-based retirement solution can be used to: Supplement your retirement income, reduce monthly expenses such as car payments or credit cards, establish a cash reserve for future needs, fund in-home care needs, preserve your retirement portfolio, strategic tax planning, use the Reverse Mortgage funds to buy a 2nd home, and other things. (Look under blogs and news). I do have a calculator for quick Reverse Mortgage quotes to give you a rough estimate, but I represent the top HUD approved Reverse Mortgage lenders to give you the best deal and options. We have a Birmingham and Huntsville office, but are willing to make house calls to areas such as Muscle Shoals, Anniston, Gadsden, Tuscaloosa, Alabama and more!

Reverse Mortgage Alabama has been helping Alabama homeowners decide if a Reverse Mortgage would “help” towards retirement needs, pay for in home care, or eliminate a mortgage payment since 2007. Call Scott Underwood at (205) 908-2993 in Birmingham, Huntsville, or South, Alabama to make an appointment or for a talk where I can answer questions. Reverse Mortgages can be re-financed, so if you take one out now, when the rates come down it can be re-financed with much lower closing costs. Look no farther for Reverse Mortgage lenders in Alabama!