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Scott Underwood has shown clients how to turn equity into cash with a Reverse Mortgage Since 2007. Why wouldn’t you work with a local Reverse Mortgage expert?

Scott has teamed up with New South Mortgage; which is the only FHA Reverse Mortgage lender in the state of Alabama. This information comes only to us. Fill out the quick form above or call for Quote and Free Guide.

The big companies and lenders you see on television, with their celebrity endorsers, take several months to process reverse mortgages.

Working with Birmingham’s Scott Underwood and Huntsville’s New South Mortgage gives you the only direct lender and over 12 years’ experience. Trust your local in-state team to give you a great deal and great service!  

Call “Alabama’s Reverse Mortgage Guy” for your Reverse Mortgage; everything is handled by a great team, but I will be your only contact. This usually helps people feel secure mot having 6 different people call them during the process. Scott Underwood can start and finish your reverse mortgage in 30 days. Even if you’ve already started the process with another lender, it is possible for us to request your file from them and close your reverse mortgage faster. Contact Alabama’s Reverse Mortgage Guy, Scott for a free information booklet, illustration, or to schedule a consultation.

A Reverse Mortgage or (HECM) home equity conversion mortgage loan is designed especially for seniors, age 62 and older to gain access to equity in your home for current use, with no monthly payments for as long as you live in the home. It is a way to eliminate your house payment, thus allowing you to supplement your monthly retirement income!

Scott will take the time to thoroughly explain how the Reverse Mortgage works and answer any questions you may have about your personal financial matters and what your specific goals are. You will be provided with an illustration, answers to pros, cons, advantages, disadvantages, requirements, examples, and interest rates. With Scott’s experience, he will help you choose the best scenario for your financial future. We have 2 offices are conveniently located in Birmingham-Hoover and surrounding area such as Vestavia, Mountain Brook, and Gardendale, or at our Huntsville location. Please request an appointment with Scott Underwood at either location. At times I am out at a client’s home and not in either office.