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Financial Professionals now see how a Reverse Mortgage can supplement a retirement strategy.

Now during the ecomomic problems it has became more important that ever to protect your clients portfolio. I have some great national news articles to show how this can be done. Click on one of these articles in RedBarrons. Our semi retired columnist isnt worried about a market crash!     Forbes. How to include home equity in your retirement plan with the bucketing approach.     Housing Wire Reverse Mortgages get second look amid coronavirus chaos.  USA Today retirement how deal unexpected expenses.   Here are the new rules for post pandemic retirement.- Forbes 

The Intuition for Reverse Mortgages. Advisor Perspectives.

This was on Financial Advisor online October 2nd 2020.  24% cut in social security benefits

 To Reduce the Risk of Retirement Portfolio Exhaustion, Include Home Equity as a Non-Correlated Asset in the Portfolio

Reverse Mortgages. What you need to know. Mass Mutual Blog   Retirees Make the Most of Your Home Equity.

There are so many reasons that financial professionals are recommending a Reverse Mortgage today. Most reasons come down to the fact that people are not saving at a pace to last them into the 90s. A Reverse Mortgage could provide source of cash flow while borrower allows their investments to recover from market losses.

A Reverse Mortgage loan is not for everyone. Our goal is to work with trusted Financial Planners and CPA’s to help determine if a reverse mortgage meets the needs of your client. We can accomplish this by providing detailed loan scenarios to you (with your client’s permission) and personal consultation with our staff to help reach a decision that is in the best interest of all parties. We are up front with our clients about the advantages and disadvantages of a reverse mortgage. Proceeds received from a reverse mortgage proceeds typically do not affect Social Security or Medicare. Provides access to their home equity without the requirement of monthly mortgage payments. Borrowers must continue to meet ongoing property obligations such as homeowner’s insurance and property tax payments.

Realtors a Reverse Mortgage purchase can double your clients buying power and we can close in the same time a traditional mortgage costs. Read More.

 In Home Care providers- Reverse Mortgages are used quite often in Birmingham to fund in home care services. I have been through elder care planning, know about VA benefits, and would love to help your family or your client. Read how to use a Reverse Mortgage to assist with paying for long term care. Various Ways to Pay for Home Care.

Scott Underwood has only been handling the FHA Reverse Mortgage since 2007 and worked in the “senior” market for over 20 years. The Birmingham office services the Birmingham metro area such Hoover, Vestavia, Mountain Brook and Trussville. Call me at (205) 908-2993