Reverse Mortgage purchase

The Reverse Mortgage purchase can help out more in a market with low inventory. In today’s market with not enough inventory wouldn’t you love to be able to magically double your clients purchasing power, especially if they were thinking they could buy more home than they actually can? If they are age 62 or above, […]

Boomers move to be near grandchildren

Baby-chaser index tracks boomers who move to be near grandchildren Where millennials lead, their parents and grandparents may follow Some grandparents are willing to uproot themselves if it means they can be closer to their grandchildren. No need to take that trip to grandma’s house — she may be coming to you. A quarter of […]

Retirees Prefer to Live Somewhere Else

Nearly a Third of Retirees Would Prefer to Live Somewhere Else When asked directly if they would choose to live where they currently reside in retirement if given the option to choose again, nearly a third of respondents said “no” in a survey conducted primarily with people aged in their 70’s or above. The survey, […]

Rise of single woman buyer

WSJ: The Rise of the 55+ Single Woman Home Buyer with HECM for Purchase Single women over 55 continue to be a growing segment of the homebuyer population, according to research presented in a recent Wall Street Journal article. Citing research form Ralph McLaughlin, the founder and chief economist at Veritas Urbis Economics in Alameda, Calif., the article states […]

Seniors looking to downsize

 Seniors looking to downsize their homes may want to consider this reverse mortgage purchase option. Washington Post Real Estate By Benny L. Kass. Read story on Washington Post site The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for Purchase allows you to buy a house using a reverse mortgage loan. Do you know that by 2060, the number of Americans […]

Senior Student Debt

Senior Student Debt. NAR: Older Buyers Move Near Family, Still Have Student Debt. The only reason this caught my eye is because I have worked with Reverse Mortgage clients here in Alabama that still had student loan debt. The National Association of Realtors issued the most recent edition of its exhaustive Home Buyer and Seller […]