Reverse Mortgage Business

The traditional reverse mortgage business model has shifted, but is that good? Industry professional Jarred Talmadge explores how the reverse mortgage business model has changed, but questions if that’s for the better? If you listen to the more traditional business mortgage voices, they are talking about untapped markets and underserved clients. They talk about how […]

The Complex Truth About Reverse Mortgages

The Complex Truth About Reverse Mortgages In TV commercials, pitchman Tom Selleck hawks the virtues of reverse mortgages. But are they a lifeline for retirees, or a hoax? The truth is complicated and nuanced. An Unsavory Reputation. “Reverse mortgages are viewed much more positively by economists than by advisors,” said Michael Finke, Frank M. Engle […]

Unaffordable housing market is becoming even more expensive

Unaffordable housing market is becoming even more expensive as mortgage rates soar over 7%. An already miserably unaffordable housing market is getting more expensive. As mortgage rates top 7% — the highest they’ve been in 21 years according to Freddie Mac — home buyers face ballooning costs. Some housing experts are warning that rates could keep […]

Median Home Price

Fmily Questons

The Median Home Price Is Nearly $18,000 Lower Than a Year Ago Homebuyers who have been waiting for the right price are getting a bit of a break in 2023, according to a new report by Redfin: The median home price for a home in the U.S. is down nearly $18,000 compared to a year ago. Depending on […]

How to use home equity

How to use home equity while prices are still high There are multiple ways to borrow home equity that owners should be aware of. Inflation and spiking interest rates continue to plague Americans. The benchmark rate for interest rates now ranges from 5% to 5.25%, a 15-year high. The effect of the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate hike schedule […]

No retirement savings

A “shocking” reality for U.S. moms: Half have no retirement savings On Mother’s Day, the best gift for your mom might be a contribution to her 401(k) or IRA plan, with research revealing a significant gap between moms and dads in financial preparedness for retirement. About half of mothers across the U.S. have zero dollars […]

US foreclosure filings

US foreclosure filings jump 22%, and repossessions hit highest level in 3 years. Luxury single-family homes in the top 20 US markets and with modest footprints between 2,500 and 3,500 square feet sold 18.6% faster between April and August 2022 than big homes between 4,500 and 5,000 square feet, according to a report by Coldwell […]

Retirement without a penny in savings

Retirement savings being eaten up. A reverse mortgage can help with that

Millions of older Americans are nearing retirement without a penny in savings If you ask Americans how much they’ll need for a comfortable retirement, they’ll throw out a big number: $1.25 million, to be exact. But in reality, most workers are far from reaching that goal — and there’s a significant chunk of older people who […]

Want to retire early

Here are 5 uncomfortable truths about retirement, that you really need to hear now. Especially if you want to retire early. Retirement is the true American dream. Sure, many might fantasize about striking it rich and becoming famous, but when it comes down to it, the real goal is to make enough money so that you don’t […]

Stocks Could Struggle In The Days Ahead

Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel warns the recession threat is growing – and stocks could struggle in the days ahead. Jeremy Siegel sees a rising risk of recession and a downbeat outlook for stocks. The retired Wharton finance professor expects the Fed to cut interest rates later this year. The US central bank may be underestimating […]