Market crash by 30 percent

Market crash by 30 percent The S&P 500 will crash 30% by December as spending slumps, profits shrink, and banking problems mount, markets guru Larry McDonald warns He sees less government spending, slimmer corporate profits, and banking pressures as key drivers. The founder of “The Bear Traps Report” touts energy and metals as smart bets […]

No retirement savings

A “shocking” reality for U.S. moms: Half have no retirement savings On Mother’s Day, the best gift for your mom might be a contribution to her 401(k) or IRA plan, with research revealing a significant gap between moms and dads in financial preparedness for retirement. About half of mothers across the U.S. have zero dollars […]

Florida Retirees Relocating

Florida Retirees Relocating: Here’s Where They’re Going Instead Once thought of as the ideal place to live out one’s golden years, Florida is quickly losing favor with retirees. Remote workers and the wealthy are flocking to the state and driving up home prices, leaving those on a fixed income feeling the pinch. In just half a decade, […]

Foreclosures are up

Foreclosures are up. But is the housing market headed for a crash? Foreclosure notices ticked up nationwide in the first quarter of the year with more than 65,000 properties beginning to go through the process. There were 36,617 new filings in March, which marks the 23rd consecutive month with a year-over-year increase in foreclosure activity, according […]

Denied Mortgage Loans

Data shows older adults more likely to be denied mortgage loans Older people are denied mortgages loans at a higher rate while younger borrowers have higher HECM rejection rates: NYT Older adults tend to have higher credit ratings than any other age group in the nation. However, older Americans are also more likely to be […]

Housing Market This Spring

After seven straight months of home price declines, here’s what 6 economists and real estate pros say to expect from the housing market this spring. Pros predict what will happen in the housing market this spring. The spring home buying season is upon us — and even ahead of it, we saw home sales rise. […]

10 cheapest U.S. states to retire in

The 10 cheapest U.S. states to retire in—Florida barely makes the list While Florida is often considered a popular retirement destination due to its warm climate and lack of state income tax, it isn’t the absolute cheapest state to spend your golden years in. Rather, Alabama is the most affordable state to retire in, according to WalletHub’s “2023 […]

Americans are falling deeper in debt

Nearly half of all Americans are falling deeper in debt as inflation continues to boost costs KEY POINTS With inflation hitting a 40-year high in June, Americans are struggling to keep up with rising prices and putting less money aside for emergencies or long-term financial goals, several studies show. Americans’ overall satisfaction with their financial […]

Best Small Towns For Retirement

Best Small Towns For Retirement When looking for a city to retire in, you should consider all factors that could add to a high quality of life. Affordability can be essential for older adults on a fixed monthly income. Walkability, access to healthcare and recreational activity, and a low crime rate can all make a retirement city ideal. […]