Foreclosures are up

Foreclosures are up. But is the housing market headed for a crash? Foreclosure notices ticked up nationwide in the first quarter of the year with more than 65,000 properties beginning to go through the process. There were 36,617 new filings in March, which marks the 23rd consecutive month with a year-over-year increase in foreclosure activity, according […]

Home prices to drop 10%

Housing economist predicts home prices to drop 10% this year Milken Institute Global Conference 2023: Bank stress, rate hikes, recession threats. Housing values will drop by double digits this year, one expert is predicting, as tighter lending requirements choke off demand. “So we are forecasting that we are going to see home prices to drop 10% decline […]

Retirement confidence

Retirement confidence in the US tanks by largest margin since the Great Recession Retirement confidence of Americans in having enough money for a comfortable retirement has taken the biggest dive in 15 years, according to a new survey. Just 64% of workers are very or somewhat confident they’ll have enough money to live comfortably in […]

Recession already here for many Americans

Recession already here for many Americans, as buying power, credit, social net shrinks The stock market may be closely watching the chance of an official economic recession, but many Americans across the country are already feeling the squeeze as they contend with higher prices and borrowing costs than they saw a year ago. While Evelyn […]

I Don’t Believe Inflation is Just 6.5

I Don’t Believe Inflation is Just 6.5% Right Now (And I’m Thinking You Probably Don’t Either). On Thursday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the latest consumer price index report for December, which showed an annualized inflation rate of 6.5%. This means that the federal government thinks prices have increased 6.5% since one year prior. Does […]

How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work.

How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work. For many retirees, their largest asset is their home — but they might not be ready to sell to cash in on their equity. That’s where a reverse mortgage can come into play. A reverse mortgage allows people aged 62 and older to continue to live in and own […]

Managing unexpected expenses

Managing unexpected expenses, an emergency fund. You might expect plenty of things in retirement – spending time with family and friends, traveling, focusing on your health wellness. For many years I have been working with financial advisors so homeowners can use the Reverse Mortgage with a credit line and spend from it instead of thier […]