If You Need Cash in Retirement

 If You Need Cash in Retirement. Retirement & Financial Planning Report. FEDWEEK Reverse mortgages allow homeowners to tap home equity even if they can’t sell their home; this can supplement retirement funds.  While hopefully your plan for funding your retirement will provide what you need, you may find that you have needs for cash that […]

Half of Americans Without Retirement Plans at Work

Half of Americans Without Retirement Plans at Work Nearly half of workers in the U.S. do not have access to retirement plans at work, according to a new AARP study. Nearly 57 million people — 48% of American private sector employees ages 18 to 64 — work for an employer that does not offer either […]

Comfortable Reirement

Comfortable Reirement – Improve YOUR retirement with NO monthly mortgage payments Imagine an opportunity that would provide you with significant net/non-taxable funds to use for any purpose that you may desire, with no mortgage payments ever required on any available monies used! Many retirees are learning how to maximize their golden years and take advantage […]

Reverse Mortgage Information for 2022


Reverse Mortgage Information for 2022 The reverse mortgage is a fantastic product, but it’s not the right solution for everybody. Is it right (or wrong) for you? In this article, we’ll cover key reverse mortgage information for 2022 to help you decide if a reverse mortgage is the right solution for you.  There is quite a […]

Retirement in America

Jaw-Dropping Stats About the State of Retirement in America Ruslan Guzov / Shutterstock.com Many Americans spend their lives working hard and dreaming of the day they can finally retire. But planning for retirement requires more than dreaming — it means being strategic and focused on saving money, among other things. The average age of retirement for Americans […]

Seniors Are Not Selling Their Homes

house with black shutters

80% Of Seniors Are Not Selling Their Homes – Here’s The Financial Strategy They’re Using Instead New data from the American Advisors Group shows that the overwhelming majority of seniors do not intend to sell their homes in older age and have no intention of ever moving. 82% of seniors say they want to live […]

Seniors want to move on, but ‘stuck’ in home

Seniors want to move on, but ‘stuck’ in home after not qualifying for new mortgage If your income is solely Social Security, it’s tough to qualify for a mortgage of any reasonable size, even at today’s extremely low interest rates. Q: There are thousands of seniors like us who are “stuck” in their homes because […]

Retirement Insecurity 2021

Retirement Insecurity 2021 A new report finds that across party lines, Americans are worried about concerns about their financial security in retirement. The vast majority of Democrats (70 percent), Independents (70 percent) and Republicans (62 percent) agree that the nation faces a retirement crisis. There also is bi-partisan agreement that the average worker cannot save […]

Why Home Equity Matters

Why Home Equity Matters Why Home Equity Matters. Home equity—the current value of your home minus your mortgage balance—matters because it helps you build wealth. When you have equity in your home, it’s a resource you can borrow against to improve your property or pay down other high-interest debts. However, it’s also volatile because home […]