Median Home Price

Fmily Questons

The Median Home Price Is Nearly $18,000 Lower Than a Year Ago Homebuyers who have been waiting for the right price are getting a bit of a break in 2023, according to a new report by Redfin: The median home price for a home in the U.S. is down nearly $18,000 compared to a year ago. Depending on […]

No retirement savings

A “shocking” reality for U.S. moms: Half have no retirement savings On Mother’s Day, the best gift for your mom might be a contribution to her 401(k) or IRA plan, with research revealing a significant gap between moms and dads in financial preparedness for retirement. About half of mothers across the U.S. have zero dollars […]

Worried about retirement

Why is everyone so worried about retirement? Confidence has dropped to 2008 levels. Workers and retirees have grown much gloomier about their retirement prospects. Will their bleakness last? Trouble ahead? Financial stress is rising among workers and retirees. In April 2022, when I looked through the 2022 annual Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) Retirement Confidence Survey, I felt […]

Want to retire early

Here are 5 uncomfortable truths about retirement, that you really need to hear now. Especially if you want to retire early. Retirement is the true American dream. Sure, many might fantasize about striking it rich and becoming famous, but when it comes down to it, the real goal is to make enough money so that you don’t […]

Stocks Could Struggle In The Days Ahead

Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel warns the recession threat is growing – and stocks could struggle in the days ahead. Jeremy Siegel sees a rising risk of recession and a downbeat outlook for stocks. The retired Wharton finance professor expects the Fed to cut interest rates later this year. The US central bank may be underestimating […]

10 Reasons You Won’t Need $1 Million to Retire

Seniors turn to reverse mortgages as a cash lifeline during the coronavirus . Used with other retirement income a Reverse Mortgage can lessen the sequence of returns

10 Reasons You Won’t Need $1 Million to Retire Many people believe having $1 million in the bank is a magic number that can allow them to retire. But do you really need that much? Numerous factors play a role in the decision of how much money you need to retire, including the lifestyle you […]

Reverse mortgages can improve lifestyles

Reverse mortgages can improve lifestyles Reverse mortgages can improve lifestyles of any seniors who are least 62 and wish to increase their incomes or provide a meaningful hedge against future contingencies. Bear in mind that the reverse mortgage options that are available to access a portion of the equity in your home include: — Establishing […]

If You Need Cash in Retirement

 If You Need Cash in Retirement. Retirement & Financial Planning Report. FEDWEEK Reverse mortgages allow homeowners to tap home equity even if they can’t sell their home; this can supplement retirement funds.  While hopefully your plan for funding your retirement will provide what you need, you may find that you have needs for cash that […]

Half of Americans Without Retirement Plans at Work

Half of Americans Without Retirement Plans at Work Nearly half of workers in the U.S. do not have access to retirement plans at work, according to a new AARP study. Nearly 57 million people — 48% of American private sector employees ages 18 to 64 — work for an employer that does not offer either […]

Comfortable Reirement

Comfortable Reirement – Improve YOUR retirement with NO monthly mortgage payments Imagine an opportunity that would provide you with significant net/non-taxable funds to use for any purpose that you may desire, with no mortgage payments ever required on any available monies used! Many retirees are learning how to maximize their golden years and take advantage […]