Worried about retirement

Why is everyone so worried about retirement? Confidence has dropped to 2008 levels. Workers and retirees have grown much gloomier about their retirement prospects. Will their bleakness last? Trouble ahead? Financial stress is rising among workers and retirees. In April 2022, when I looked through the 2022 annual Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) Retirement Confidence Survey, I felt […]

Skipped meals to afford their housing payments

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

39% of Americans say they’ve skipped meals to make housing payments: reportand 61% cite their financial situation as a stress point in their lives.  The Clever Real Estate survey found that millennials faced the greatest challenge making housing payments. With inflation still at levels not seen in years, many Americans are saying they’re feeling financially […]

Reverse Mortgages Can Provide Retirement Income

Reverse Mortgages Can Provide Retirement Income Tapping home equity is often an overlooked possible source of income for those with fixed resources, and considering the home equity that seniors have access to, reverse mortgage products should be considered when coming up with a retirement funding plan. This is according to Stephen Resch, VP of retirement […]