One in Six retirees is considering a return to the workforce

Retirement savings being eaten up. A reverse mortgage can help with that

The survey — which included 930 American employees and 206 hiring managers — illustrates the number of people returning to work after retirement and outlines the reasons why they’re making these moves. The results also indicate that the majority of those considering a return to the workforce would prefer remote or hybrid positions. “Among those […]

Will US Housing Crash The Economy

Will US Housing Crash The Economy? Maybe it’s different this time. A slowdown in US construction activity has preceded broader slowdowns in the past. Welcome to Money Distilled. I’m John Stepek. Every week day I look at the biggest stories in markets and economics, and explain what it all means for your money. Could US Housing Crash The […]

Long-Term Care and Housing

Many Middle-Income Seniors Will Not Be Able to Pay for Long-Term Care and Housing in 10 Years Total Number of Middle-Income Seniors Expected to Grow by 89 Percent by 2033 CHICAGO, August 31, 2022 – By 2033, more than 11 million middle-income seniors aged 75 and older may not be able to pay for assisted living and […]