Florida Retirees Relocating

Florida Retirees Relocating: Here’s Where They’re Going Instead Once thought of as the ideal place to live out one’s golden years, Florida is quickly losing favor with retirees. Remote workers and the wealthy are flocking to the state and driving up home prices, leaving those on a fixed income feeling the pinch. In just half a decade, […]

Sources of Retirement Income

Sources of Retirement Income When you’re retired, you need dependable income — often from multiple sources Try not to rely on just one income stream in retirement, as it may not provide enough money. Think about what kinds of income streams are most possible and appealing for you. Consider dividend-paying stocks or reverse mortgages, for […]

Finra’s Stance on Reverse Mortgages

Finra’s Stance on Reverse Mortgages RETIREMENT RESEARCHER. FINRA is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. It is a self-regulatory body for financial brokers and brokerage firms. As a part of its efforts to protect consumers, it issues alerts and reports on a variety of financial issues, including reverse mortgages. FINRA’s stance on them is described in […]

Your home helps fund your retirement

Your home helps fund your retirement Many people live in their most valuable asset- their home. Here’s how its value could help you retire on your terms. Story from Merrill Lynch; one of the first large financial planner group that understood the HECM concept and how it helps sustain longevity. Also, Merrill Lynch send me […]

Organized While Caregiving

Strategies for Getting (and Staying) Organized While Caregiving  Caring for a vulnerable elder can be rewarding as well as frustrating. It can increase our self-esteem to know that we are helping someone in need, but it can also burden us as we grapple with this difficult task and the fact that we aren’t perfect caregivers. […]

Retirees Save With Reverse Purchase

Retirees Save With Reverse Mortgage for Purchase : Forbes Column While many senior homeowners opt to relocate in retirement, they may be missing out on an opportunity to mitigate problems and best support their retirement, writes reverse mortgage proponent and financial advisor Jamie Hopkins in a Forbes column this week. Presenting the historical landscape for home equity growth […]

Retire on House

Retire on House. Reverse Mortgage Alabama brings you a pros and cons approach from Forbes called “Should You Retire On Your House?”Forbes.Pension Research Council Many American households will face a significant retirement financing gap unless they save more, invest more efficiently, retire later, and/or distribute their retirement assets more efficiently. Yet the pain of such […]

House pays for care

House pays for care. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Using the House to Pay for Grandma. Dent Research Team of Analysts. This is a problem I have worked with adult children for years to provide in home care for parents, but it seems more and more common. Personally my generation is called “The Sandwich Generation” so I […]

retirement secrets

Retirement Secrets. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Forbes Retirement The Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets. Great article that breaks down the many wants people are using Reverse Mortgages as a smart financial tool today. The discussion of reverse mortgage costs has several moving parts. Which type of cost combination to choose depends on how you plan […]