How to prepare for FHA appraisal requirements

How to prepare for FHA appraisal requirements Mortgage lenders require an appraisal of each home they extend financing for. This is to ensure they aren’t lending too much money for a place that isn’t worth it. An appraisal also comes into play if you’re a candidate for an FHA loan. If you plan to buy […]

Denied Mortgage Loans

Data shows older adults more likely to be denied mortgage loans Older people are denied mortgages loans at a higher rate while younger borrowers have higher HECM rejection rates: NYT Older adults tend to have higher credit ratings than any other age group in the nation. However, older Americans are also more likely to be […]

Housing Crisis for Seniors

A Housing Crisis for Seniors Last fall, I had to take the car keys away from an elderly relative who lives alone. This intervention should have happened much earlier, but when the day came it was one of the more emotionally wrenching things I’ve ever done. “Don’t take my car away,” he pleaded. “Without my […]