Financial Planners

Financial Planners Warm to Reverse Mortgages, Though There’s Still Work to Do Although there are still issues in the general reputation of reverse mortgage product offerings, more financial advisors and planners have shown signs of warming up to the product and how it could help their clients to fund retirement. This is according to a […]

Bank, Credit Union, Financial Planners

I have noticed a tremendous upswing of clients who went to their bank, credit union, or financial planner to ask who does Reverse Mortgages? Usually they find me because a friend was a previous client or the internet. I just simply want the local Birmingham and Huntsville Bank, Credit Union, and Financial Planner to be […]

Lifestyle Senior Mortgages

Lifestyle Senior Mortgages There exists a propensity to look at reverse mortgages as only necessary for indebted seniors, but they are also a great way for savvy, well-heeled seniors to buoy their investment portfolios. “The one thing I disagree with is it’s not only a mortgage designed for people to pay off debt,” said Darlene […]

Life Resource Planning

Life Resource Planning Focuses on the Need for Eldercare Certain diseases, disorders, accidents or injuries result in disabilities that last longer than a few weeks or months. Many of these become permanent problems and although the disabled person may eventually adapt to take care of himself, a caregiver is often needed. The location of where […]

Tomorrow’s Retirees Face Shortfalls

Tomorrow’s Retirees Face Shortfalls, But Reluctant to Explore HECMs Many studies have explored the ways in which current seniors find themselves ill-prepared for their retirement years, but a new analysis from Boston College finds that the picture looks even bleaker for future generations. The vast majority of households aged 65 and older reported not having […]