Boomers move to be near grandchildren

Baby-chaser index tracks boomers who move to be near grandchildren Where millennials lead, their parents and grandparents may follow Some grandparents are willing to uproot themselves if it means they can be closer to their grandchildren. No need to take that trip to grandma’s house — she may be coming to you. A quarter of […]

Run Out of Money in Retirement

Here’s How Many U.S. Households Will Run Out of Money in Retirement This is going to turn into a major problem affecting young boomers at a large scale. I am involved with my parents who have a Reverse Mortgage and they were set. Plenty of money, plus VA aid and attendance to add over $2000 […]

A Mortgage That Pays You

A Mortgage That Pays You. Your parents have spent years faithfully making monthly mortgage payments. Maybe it’s time to let that hard-earned equity give them cash in their bank account. I found this explanation in the Family Circle and thought to myself ” I continue to bring people Reverse Mortgage news, but usually it’s from […]

Very Intellectual Client

Very Intellectual Client I received a call one day from a financial planner that he and his client were interviewing Reverse Mortgage experts for her Reverse Mortgage. I arrived and noticed a business card from the only person in the state that I consider as knowledgeable as myself. At that point I felt sunk, proceeded […]

Originating Reverse Mortgages

Originating Reverse Mortgages is often a heart wrenching reality. I think back on the people that I have helped over the years in my Reverse Mortgage experience. Some of the people stand out to me more than others for various reasons. I was just remembering a lovely lady that really made me cry when she […]