How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work.

How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work. For many retirees, their largest asset is their home — but they might not be ready to sell to cash in on their equity. That’s where a reverse mortgage can come into play. A reverse mortgage allows people aged 62 and older to continue to live in and own […]

Reverse Mortgages and retirement planning

Reverse Mortgages and retirement planning. Understanding how reverse mortgages can add value in retirement planning requires an understanding about the peculiarities of sequence-of-return risk that the reverse mortgage can help to manage. When combined with a long retirement, sequence-of-return risk can lead to some potentially unanticipated outcomes regarding what types of strategies may work to […]

Mortgage Tips for Retirees

Mortgage Tips for Retirees Sure, your grandma and grandpa may have stayed put once they left the workforce, but you likely have other plans. Now more than ever, it seems retirees are on the move—and buying new homes. About 18% of homebuyers were younger baby boomers (aged 56 to 65) in 2021. And older boomers […]

Retirement in America

Jaw-Dropping Stats About the State of Retirement in America Ruslan Guzov / Many Americans spend their lives working hard and dreaming of the day they can finally retire. But planning for retirement requires more than dreaming — it means being strategic and focused on saving money, among other things. The average age of retirement for Americans […]

Reverse Mortgage Might Help Widowed Retirees

How a Reverse Mortgage Might Help Widowed Retirees I found this article through one of my lenders and thought I would share it. The death of a loved one can be a turbulent time for widowed retirees, both emotionally and financially. For widowed retirees facing financial uncertainty following a spouse’s passing, a reverse mortgage can […]

Reverse Mortgage purchase

The Reverse Mortgage purchase can help out more in a market with low inventory. In today’s market with not enough inventory wouldn’t you love to be able to magically double your clients purchasing power, especially if they were thinking they could buy more home than they actually can? If they are age 62 or above, […]

In Home Care needs

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages for Seniors In Home Care needs. Many in home care providers have agreements set up with the large lenders, but I am local and have been helping keep loved ones at home for over 15 years. When it comes to helping an aging loved one with financial […]

Unconventional Ways to Fund Your Retirement

4 Unconventional Ways to Fund Your Retirement One or more of these unconventional methods could be just the key you’re looking for. Key Points Working a traditional job and investing your funds isn’t the only way to save for retirement. Thinking outside the box can help you generate extra money for your future. Diligently saving […]

Leveraging HomeEquity

Rethinking estate planning: Leveraging HomeEquity’s CHIP Reverse Mortgage Wealth Professional spoke to HomeEquity’s Andrew Cairns about the timely topic of estate planning. Rethinking estate planning: Leveraging HomeEquity’s CHIP Reverse Mortgage By Chris Davies “I think,” says Andrew Cairns, National Lead of Wealth Management at HomeEquity Bank, “that there’s an opportunity for reverse mortgages to put […]