Now’s a great time for a reverse mortgage

Now’s a great time for a reverse mortgage In today’s economic climate, clients need financial solutions that make sense. Today’s economic circumstances are taking a toll on retirees. From delaying major purchases and driving less, to cancelling or curtailing travel plans, many are sacrificing to make ends meet. Retirees need solid financial options to help ease […]

Getting a reverse mortgage

Senior citizens and thier dog

Older homeowners aged 62 and older are sitting on a mountain of equity. Over $11 trillion dollars according to the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association’s Risk-Span Reverse Mortgage Market Index. With seniors awash in home equity is this a good time for older homeowners to tap into their home’s value? With home prices on average […]

Should I sell and rent or get a reverse mortgage

Should I sell and rent or get a reverse mortgage? I found this great article I wanted to share comparing all senior housing options. What to consider before selling your home or getting a reverse mortgage. The math reveals the real costs for retirees. A woman in her 80s is sitting on her couch at […]

Senior Housing

Aging Media Network Publishes New Report Detailing Senior Housing Industry Outlook for 2020 Last year the industry began to look closely at the shortage of middle market senior housing available to aging consumers. In our survey, we sought to find out what actions industry stakeholders are likely to take in response to this growing issue […]

Senior Housing

What to Look for When Visiting an Elder in Senior Housing So, you and your loved one have taken the plunge. You’ve put in the time and effort to research senior housing options, take tours and compare your thoughts. The big move is finally behind you both. You might think the hard work is over, […]