Taking Early Social Security Benefits Are Few

Good Reasons for Taking Early Social Security Benefits Are Few. Forbes Retirement Taking Social Security benefits as early as possible, at age 62, is not very beneficial for an American retiree concerned with maximizing their post-working income. This is according to Steve Vernon, FSA and consulting research scholar in the financial security division at Stanford […]

Reverse Mortgage for Purchase Details


Reverse Mortgage for Purchase Details by Forbes The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) for Purchase program was initially designed in such a way so that a previously more complicated process involving two mortgage transactions could be simplified, according to Dr. Wade Pfau, professor of retirement income at the American College of Financial Services, in a new piece at […]

Tough Retirement for Americans

Forbes: Warped Financial Priorities Lead to Tough Retirement for Americans Americans place much of their focus on managing their existing debt over saving for the future, which results in their overall loss of focus on adequately saving enough money for retirement. This is according to Jamie Hopkins, director of retirement research at Carson Wealth in […]

Are Reverse Mortgages Unduly Risky

Are Reverse Mortgages Unduly Risky? We are seeing more and more financial planners in Alabama accept Reverse Mortgage help a senior have a better lifestyle. My clients now are usually millionaires. One financial planner told me that FINRA said years ago they approve and I have a fiduciary duty to tell my clients about everything […]

Questions and Answers

 Common Reverse Mortgage Questions and Answers You’ve likely seen the TV commercials for reverse mortgages, with the late Fred Thompson, Henry Winkler and, lately, Tom Selleck. But just between us: Do you really understand how a reverse mortgage works? If not, don’t feel bad — in a March 2017 National Council on Aging survey, 66% of […]

Retirees Save With Reverse Purchase

Retirees Save With Reverse Mortgage for Purchase : Forbes Column While many senior homeowners opt to relocate in retirement, they may be missing out on an opportunity to mitigate problems and best support their retirement, writes reverse mortgage proponent and financial advisor Jamie Hopkins in a Forbes column this week. Presenting the historical landscape for home equity growth […]

Reverse Mortgages Deserve 2nd Look

Reverse Mortgages Deserve 2nd Look Jamie Hopkins , CONTRIBUTOR Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. What’s the deal with reverse mortgages? This question was addressed in a recent Housing Wealth in Retirement Symposium held on March 23, 2018, in Washington, DC. The event was co-hosted by The American College of Financial Services and the Bipartisan Policy Center. While the symposium took […]

5 Ways Retirement Plans Go Off Track

5 Ways Retirement Plans Go Off Track Bob Carlson , CONTRIBUTOR. I research/write about all facets of retirement/retirement planning. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The retirement stories I most hate to hear are about people who entered retirement financially secure but saw that security disappear over the years. These stories are all […]