Staying Calm in Crisis

Staying Calm in a Crisis
Keep a stock allocation that you can live with and still sleep well. Kiplingers Retirement.

Staying Calm in Crisis. Keep a stock allocation that you can live with & still sleep. Rethinking Retirement. Kiplinger’s Like everyone else, I’ve been hunkering down trying to get used to this sometimes-stressful new normal as my retirement routine has been turned topsy-turvy by Coronavirus. I practice my yoga online, and I’ve replaced my spin classes […]

How Much Can Retirees Spend

How Much Can Retirees Spend On March 11, 2020? It May Not Be What You Think Turbulent market volatility and declining interest rates are leaving many people wondering about the viability of their retirement plans. Given where markets are today, will you have enough to meet your retirement spending goals? Many financial planner have and […]

CFPB Wrong-Reverse Mortgages

Why The CFPB Is Wrong About Reverse Mortgages I found a great article today by Advisor Perspectives on the controversial holding off to take social security. In the first edition of my book, Reverse Mortgages: How to Use Reverse Mortgages to Secure Your Retirement, I did not analyze using a reverse mortgage to support the […]

Responsible Retirement

Responsible Retirement. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Using Reverse Mortgages In A Responsible Retirement Income Plan. Wade Pfau, FORBES CONTRIBUTOR Professor @ The American College; Principal @ McLean Asset Management Though reverse mortgages have long held a bad reputation, research and public policy in recent years are shedding new light on their potential uses in retirement. The […]

retirement secrets

Retirement Secrets. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Forbes Retirement The Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets. Great article that breaks down the many wants people are using Reverse Mortgages as a smart financial tool today. The discussion of reverse mortgage costs has several moving parts. Which type of cost combination to choose depends on how you plan […]