Retirement Insecurity 2021

Retirement Insecurity 2021 A new report finds that across party lines, Americans are worried about concerns about their financial security in retirement. The vast majority of Democrats (70 percent), Independents (70 percent) and Republicans (62 percent) agree that the nation faces a retirement crisis. There also is bi-partisan agreement that the average worker cannot save […]

Retirement Planning Tool

Reverse Mortgages as markets tumble. Reverse Mortgage could be your saving grace.

Why a Reverse Mortgage is worth considering more now than ever as a retirement planning tool. During our COVID-19 lockdown, my wife returned to an old hobby and set up a jigsaw puzzle on our dining table. Four-hundred and ninety-nine pieces and quite a few hours later, she learned she was missing something. Disappointing, right? We […]

Reverse mortgage. Very useful and very misunderstood

With 14 year experience in the Reverse Mortgage industry, I can provide Reverse Mortgage information you need!

Reverse mortgage. Very useful and very misunderstood It’s very important to dispel one common misconception about the reverse mortgage. When the borrower takes out a reverse mortgage, he or she does not give up ownership of the home. As the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau points out, the borrower keeps ownership just like all other common […]

Staying Calm in Crisis

Staying Calm in a Crisis
Keep a stock allocation that you can live with and still sleep well. Kiplingers Retirement.

Staying Calm in Crisis. Keep a stock allocation that you can live with & still sleep. Rethinking Retirement. Kiplinger’s Like everyone else, I’ve been hunkering down trying to get used to this sometimes-stressful new normal as my retirement routine has been turned topsy-turvy by Coronavirus. I practice my yoga online, and I’ve replaced my spin classes […]