Extra cash for the holidays

5 ways to get extra cash for the holidays It’s that time of year again. The time for holiday parties, gifts, festive decor and, well, spending.  That’s right: According to the National Retail Federation, the typical American will spend over $800 this holiday season — on gifts, holiday items and other non-essential purchases. Don’t have that […]

Retirement Insecurity 2021

Retirement Insecurity 2021 A new report finds that across party lines, Americans are worried about concerns about their financial security in retirement. The vast majority of Democrats (70 percent), Independents (70 percent) and Republicans (62 percent) agree that the nation faces a retirement crisis. There also is bi-partisan agreement that the average worker cannot save […]

Reverse Mortgages As Markets Wobble?

Reverse Mortgages as markets tumble. Reverse Mortgage could be your saving grace.

As Markets Wobble, Will We See a Wave of Reverse Mortgages? Over the past three months, the stock market has been on a roller coaster. Investment portfolios have followed suit, which could be particularly concerning for those who are counting on those funds for retirement. For those close to retirement, a lack of savings may […]

Saving For Retirement

11 Numbers That Will Terrify You Into Saving For Retirement Right This Minute. Every day you delay will hurt you in the end. It can be tough to save for retirement when it is still decades away. It’s apparently even tough for older workers who are on the verge of retirement. Living expenses can eat […]

Americans Don’t Save for Retirement

Americans Don’t Save for Retirement Because They Don’t Earn Enough Money Too few Americans are saving for retirement. Those who do save are putting away too little. It is only a matter of time before this sparks an economic and political crisis. Proposals for addressing this looming crisis usually fall into three categories. Some argue […]

10 Ways to Boost Retirement Income

10 Ways to Boost Retirement Income Don’t assume that your retirement income is fixed. You can increase it — and live off of more money in the future. by Selena Maranjian- The Motley Fool If you think of the term “fixed income,” you probably think of retirees. After all, people in retirement are typically relying […]