How to Become an Elite Financial Advisor

FINANCIAL ADVISORS. How to Become an Elite Financial Advisor: Practice (Business) Management Have you read something like the following roughly 1,237 times in the last few months? “Financial advisors are under immense pressure, particularly with the paradigm shift of 2020. They must provide value to their clients and differentiate themselves from other advisors.” We too […]

Retirement Expert

Retirement Expert Joins Call for Broker-Dealers to Lift Reverse Mortgage Band For the last several years, the reverse mortgage industry has worked hard to build connections with financial retirement experts and educate them about the important role housing wealth can play in retirement income planning. But many reverse professionals say they often hit a roadblock […]

CFPB Wrong-Reverse Mortgages

Why The CFPB Is Wrong About Reverse Mortgages I found a great article today by Advisor Perspectives on the controversial holding off to take social security. In the first edition of my book, Reverse Mortgages: How to Use Reverse Mortgages to Secure Your Retirement, I did not analyze using a reverse mortgage to support the […]

Retirement Fears

Retirement Fears. Reverse Mortgage Running Out of Money, Health Issues Top CPA Clients’ Biggest Retirement Fears by Jason Oliva With an estimated 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day and with only little savings, it’s easy to see why running out of money is the greatest fear for American retirees—but it’s not the only thing […]