Thoughts On Reverse Mortgages

All My Thoughts On Reverse Mortgages by the banker.   I’m not the right age for reverse mortgages but a reader asked me for my help. Some deep-down part of me will always be a mortgage guy, so I decided to learn more about these things. The reader, named Jesse, aged 73, called to relay […]

What is Equity Release

Beginners Guide: What is Equity Release? As we grow older and settle into life, we build up a net worth to be used to help us get through our golden years and hopefully leave a little something extra for our children on the side. Using your financial resources effectively isn’t the simplest of tasks, but […]

Home Equity Tapping

New Figure Hire Emphasizes Retirement, ‘More Accessible’ Home Equity Tapping Figure Technologies, providers of alternative home equity tapping tools including a sale leaseback offering that is competitive with traditional reverse mortgages, announced a new hire last month that expands the company’s positioning as a vendor of tools that can help seniors in funding their retirement. […]

Homeowner Tips

Homeowner Tips. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Tips for Homeowners Considering a Reverse Mortgage. A Reverse mortgage allows homeowners to convert part of the equity in a home to cash without having to sell the property. Due to the attractiveness of these loans, some senior citizens are being charged excessive up-front fees for services that are generally […]