Retirement Portfolio Exhaustion

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To Reduce the Risk of Retirement Portfolio Exhaustion, Include Home Equity as a Non-Correlated Asset in the Portfolio.  By Philip Walker; Barry H. Sacks, Ph.D., J.D.; and Stephen R. Sacks, Journal of Financial Planning: December 2021 Executive Summary Financial planners have long regarded diversification and asset allocation as essential tools for reducing portfolio risk for their clients. […]

Reverse Mortgages Easier to Recommend

FPA Chair: Reverse Mortgage Refinements Make Products Easier to Recommend The evolution of the reverse mortgage product space has been a constant reality that the surrounding industry has had to contend with for many years, but having gone through such demonstrable and customer-focused periods of change is exactly what has made reverse mortgages more appealing […]

Here are the new rules for post-pandemic retirement

Forget what you’ve heard. Here are the new rules for post-pandemic retirement. As the coronavirus pandemic upends the economy, there’s never been a better time to examine the conventional wisdom about retirement By  Michelle Singletary  Forbes Columnist Your retirement will be unique to you, but it often helps to have some rules of thumb as a guideline. […]

Home Equity In Your Retirement Plan

How To Include Home Equity In Your Retirement Plan With The Bucketing Approach Do you have a vacation fund? A pizza party jar at work or home? A bank account reserved for a new house? People set aside money for certain goals or expenses, sometimes even dedicating a specific bank account or credit card for […]

Reverse mortgages get second look amid coronavirus

Reverse mortgages get second look amid coronavirus chaos. Reverse mortgage originators are fielding higher-than-normal inquiry levels from borrowers and financial advisors. At a time when the stock market is behaving like an oscilloscope and 401(k)s are shrinking away, reverse mortgages have sparked a renewed level of attention as a potential source of stability amid an […]

Baby Boomers Have Less Wealth

Baby Boomers Have Less Wealth Than Prior Classes The most recent cohort of Americans who are part of the “baby boomer” generation – typically classified as people born between 1946 and 1964 – are less wealthy when compared to older baby boomers, putting them at greater risk of financial instability in retirement. This is according […]

Managing unexpected expenses

Managing unexpected expenses, an emergency fund. You might expect plenty of things in retirement – spending time with family and friends, traveling, focusing on your health wellness. For many years I have been working with financial advisors so homeowners can use the Reverse Mortgage with a credit line and spend from it instead of thier […]

Worried About the Market Crash

Our Semi-Retired Columnist Isn’t Worried About the Market Crash. Here’s Why. Eleven years ago, I watched in horror as my 401(k) account melted away during the financial crisis and bear market. Now, semi-retired, I have a good bit more money in stocks, and I haven’t looked at my account in a couple of weeks. I […]

Finra’s Stance on Reverse Mortgages

Finra’s Stance on Reverse Mortgages RETIREMENT RESEARCHER. FINRA is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. It is a self-regulatory body for financial brokers and brokerage firms. As a part of its efforts to protect consumers, it issues alerts and reports on a variety of financial issues, including reverse mortgages. FINRA’s stance on them is described in […]

Planners recommending a Reverse Mortgage

Why more and more financial planners are recommending to their clients a Reverse Mortgage. The proper name for this product has always been Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or HECM for short. The HECM can be used as a defensive play protecting managed assets or to pay off a mortgage. For instance, a client of mine […]