Social Security benefits

Retirement savings being eaten up. A reverse mortgage can help with that

Social Security Recipients Could Get a Massive 11% Raise Next Year Surging inflation could lead to the biggest boost to monthly Social Security benefits since 1981. The 2023 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, would be 10.8% if inflation continues at its current pace, according to a new prediction from the non-profit Committee for a […]

Reverse Mortgage and Airplane

WHAT DO A REVERSE MORTGAGE AND A LEGENDARY AIRPLANE HAVE IN COMMON? In early 1942, the United States was at war with Japan. Lt. Colonel James “Jimmy” Doolittle had been given the responsibility of planning a raid to strike back at Japan for the Pearl Harbor attack. The bombing raid wasn’t expected to do a […]

Can You Afford In Home Care

Can You Afford In-Home Care? Look at the costs involved and your budget to see how to pay for home care services. If you’re considering getting in-home care, consider the following criteria to see what costs to expect and the different payment options available for this type of care. AMID HEADLINES OF COVID-19 infiltrating nursing […]

Worried About the Market Crash

Our Semi-Retired Columnist Isn’t Worried About the Market Crash. Here’s Why. Eleven years ago, I watched in horror as my 401(k) account melted away during the financial crisis and bear market. Now, semi-retired, I have a good bit more money in stocks, and I haven’t looked at my account in a couple of weeks. I […]

Thoughts On Reverse Mortgages

All My Thoughts On Reverse Mortgages by the banker.   I’m not the right age for reverse mortgages but a reader asked me for my help. Some deep-down part of me will always be a mortgage guy, so I decided to learn more about these things. The reader, named Jesse, aged 73, called to relay […]

Affluent Seniors Interest in Reverse Mortgages

Affluent Seniors Interest in Reverse Mortgages When asked to serve as a sponsor at a recent retirement strategies event hosted by TheStreet, Finance of America Reverse (FAR) saw a unique opportunity to discuss ways in which home equity could be implemented into retirement strategies. What FAR Vice President of Retirement Strategies Steve Resch did not […]