Reverse Mortgages Easier to Recommend

FPA Chair: Reverse Mortgage Refinements Make Products Easier to Recommend The evolution of the reverse mortgage product space has been a constant reality that the surrounding industry has had to contend with for many years, but having gone through such demonstrable and customer-focused periods of change is exactly what has made reverse mortgages more appealing […]

Managing unexpected expenses

Managing unexpected expenses, an emergency fund. You might expect plenty of things in retirement – spending time with family and friends, traveling, focusing on your health wellness. For many years I have been working with financial advisors so homeowners can use the Reverse Mortgage with a credit line and spend from it instead of thier […]

Retirement Panic Attack

 The Retirement Panic Attack You Never Saw Coming At a party, my friend was asked how his recent retirement is going. He lamented, “I’ve had some rough nights and more than one panic attack.” I found his reply surprising since we had talked earlier about his financial situation, and he had more than adequate retirement […]

Alternative Home Equity Tapping

Alternative home equity tapping products are largely seen by reverse mortgage originators and an industry observer as uncompetitive with the product, according to outreach conducted by RMD. The concept of allowing equity-rich and cash-poor homeowners to tap the value in their homes in order to gain access to additional cash has been growing beyond more […]