Taking Early Social Security Benefits Are Few

Good Reasons for Taking Early Social Security Benefits Are Few. Forbes Retirement Taking Social Security benefits as early as possible, at age 62, is not very beneficial for an American retiree concerned with maximizing their post-working income. This is according to Steve Vernon, FSA and consulting research scholar in the financial security division at Stanford […]

Senior Poverty

Social Security Minimum Benefits Fail to Prevent Senior Poverty The Social Security program’s minimum benefit for retirees who have very low career earnings does not prevent a beneficiary in this category from staying out of poverty, and is continually being eroded because of a design flaw. This is according to a new research brief released […]

Social Security Program Changes

Social Security Program Changes, Effects on Reverse Mortgage Borrowers This year, the Social Security program will be seeing its largest cost of living adjustment (COLA) in seven years, with beneficiaries receiving an additional 2.8 percent to their benefit payout. The result of the COLA for the average individual retired Social Security beneficiary is expected to […]