Bank, Credit Union, Financial Planners

Bank, Credit Union, Financial Planners

I have noticed a tremendous upswing of clients who went to their bank, credit union, or financial planner to ask who does Reverse Mortgages? Usually they find me because a friend was a previous client or the internet.

 I just simply want the local Birmingham and Huntsville Bank, Credit Union, and Financial Planner to be able to recommend someone solid that they can deal with in person.

We are local and provide superior service compared to an out of town lender your client might find on TV or a Google paid ad. Your customer will have a terrible transaction, get less money and it will take three times longer.

Our Reverse Mortgage team has 20 years Reverse Mortgage experience!

Read the testimonials, read the Google reviews, or call us and we will come by and shake your hand, get to know you!

We work off referrals, so we always treat everyone like my mom. We give a rate and low closings costs; which saves them money. My team uses all local providers, such as appraisals, title, processors, underwriters, and closers. We still meet clients face to face if possible. We will take as long as needed to go over questions and the application. We will also be the only point of contact start to finish, we have a great team, but a client years ago told me it annoyed him that so many people in so many states called during this transaction. We also attend almost all my closings.

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