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Alabama’s “Reverse Mortgage Guy” Scott Underwood

Reverse Mortgage Alabama LLC was started by Scott Underwood in February 2007 and he has devoted 100% of his time to the Reverse Mortgage industry from Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile and their greater metropolitan areas in Alabama.

Scott has worked in the senior industry for more than 20 years, finding fulfilment explaining the then difficult Medicare Part -D prescription plan to seniors in 2005-2006. Scott signed up more than 550 seniors to the Medicare Part-D prescription plan.

Several family members had a Reverse Mortgage and he felt it was a close fit to the fun he had educating people on the Medicare part -D program.

Scott is one of those people who cannot sell a product unless he fully believes in it. He researched and decided this was just like the Medicare Part-D plan; he just needed to become extremely educated with the Reverse Mortgage or the original proper name – home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) so he could explain it to homeowners.

The family members with a Reverse Mortgage or (HECM)  home equity conversion mortgage seemed to be having a stress-free retirement using this equity-based retirement solution. He thought this would be a compliment to his insurance sales, but a month later he was full time.

The nickname “Alabama’s Reverse Mortgage Guy” was coined for Scott after an appearance on a local radio talk show here in Birmingham.

Scott “Alabama’s Reverse Mortgage Guy” has a fantastic team behind him insuring your Reverse Mortgage is processed in 30-45 days. Representing the top lenders, I can offer great rates and exceptional service resulting in quick closings! Scott personally meets with over 90% of his clients and because we are local.

Scott has been in the Alabama Reverse Mortgage industry since early 2007 and Reverse Mortgages are all that he handles. Let his experience and the convenience of being local benefit you.

He is happy to work with homeowners anywhere in Alabama, so take advantage on your local expert in with offices in Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile.

For additional information, an illustration, or a free E-Booklet please call Birmingham (1-205) 908-2993, Huntsville or Mobile, Alabama (1-256)

Reverse Mortgage History   US News – How to find the best lender.  Reverse Mortgage Calculator  is here to give you a ball park estimate estimate, but we are brokers for all of the largest lenders, so ask for a proposal, it should be even better!

NMLS licences Scott Underwood’s #206339 SMG # 221195

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