Comfortable Reirement

Comfortable Reirement – Improve YOUR retirement with NO monthly mortgage payments

Imagine an opportunity that would provide you with significant net/non-taxable funds to use for any purpose that you may desire, with no mortgage payments ever required on any available monies used! Many retirees are learning how to maximize their golden years and take advantage of their hard-earned home equity. Reverse mortgages are popular at the moment and with good reason as it is the best way for retirees to take advantage of your homes equity. Here are a few great ways to put your home to work for you:

You can explore other investment opportunities or build a real estate portfolio

Make home improvements or use cash to obtain substantial discounts on purchases

Live comfortable and feel financially secure again.

Help protect and preserve all your current assets – the options are endless!

Reverse Mortgages offer unparalleled financial benefits as you can:

• Live in your home managing all financial aspects of it as YOU see fit

• Create a unique line of credit to draw from at any time, for any purpose, for any amount of available funds

• Available amount(s) left untouched on your line have potential to increase over time

• You retain total ownership and control of your home – but with all the flexibility and freedom provided through a reverse program.

Other great features of this financial tool to give you a Comfortable Reirement

If you have a conventional mortgage, “swap” it and obtain all the benefits and opportunities a reverse program offers.

With your new reverse mortgage if all works out you’ll pay off your current mortgage and possibly put a substantial amount of money in your bank account. If moving /downsizing, use the reverse program to purchase your next home eliminating payment obligations.

If you currently have a reverse – investigate the advantages of swapping for a new one.

If you’re a homeowner over the age of 62 and want more information on a Comfortable Reirement– Call Reverse Mortgage and Scott Underwood- handling Reverse Mortgages only since 2007 and get detailed insight on this game changer.

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