Senior Safeguards

Senior Safeguards are improved each year to keep people from trying to take advantage of our seniors.

Reverse Mortgages are so have so many safeguards in place now, that Financial Planners, C.P.A.s, Elder Care Attorneys are recommending them.

I provide each candidate with a printed version of the Reverse Mortgage Comparison Breakdown.

I will review this breakdown with each senior candidate to ensure that the senior clearly understands the options and benefits of different Reverse Mortgage scenarios.

I strongly encourage all senior candidates to reach out and seek advice from loved ones: family and friends, as well as financial and/or legal advisors regarding their decision to move forward with a Reverse Mortgage.When the Reverse Mortgage application is written,  additional senior safeguards are professionally trained HUD approved counselors who during the counseling session will furnish you with an expert objective overview and discuss with you all the Reverse Mortgage options.

We adhere to the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) code of conduct. Our Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama Reverse Mortgage experts adhere to and maintain standards and a code of conduct that are aimed at protecting the interests of the senior community and their families throughout central Alabama. If my offices aren’t close; I still make house calls.

Being in the Reverse Mortgage business since 2007, I find that although Reverse Mortgage products almost always we find they can be an excellent financial solution, they may not be the cure all for your financial needs. We are the lender which means every part of your Reverse Mortgage is done in Alabama and I still prefer to meet my clients in person. A personal consultation with an unbiased Reverse Mortgage Counselor is also another one of these safeguards. They will analyze the needs of the senior candidate to ensure that one of our many reverse mortgage options is a practical solution. We then share with them a detailed cost analysis and comparison breakdown.

See this Huffington Post article on what senior safeguards to expect Click to read.Upon your acceptance and approval, we will submit the Reverse Mortgage application to our processing team, who once again reviews the selected program to further ensure a proper and educated decision has been made.

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