Reverse Mortgage Huntsville

  Reverse Mortgage Huntsville

Scott Underwood has been helping homeowners in Huntsville with Reverse Mortgages since 2007. Matter of fact, I have a Mortgage license allows me to do any mortgage, but I have only handled Reverse Mortgages since February 2007. It a calling; many times, I’m helping people in bad positions, post-divorce, home in home health care, foreclosure, or the stock market is losing so much money, but they don’t want to sell off. Every call and every situation are different. That’s why working with a broker like us, we can shop the top lenders for you and find you the best plan for your goals.

My parents had a Reverse Mortgage since 2000 and I saw how much stress it took away from them. Some people want to eliminate a Mortgage or Home Equity Loan, some have medical bills, high prescription costs, or in-home care needs for parents. I generally boil it down to a being a stress reducer.

Scott Underwood and Saul Ginsburg have a Huntsville office – Reverse Mortgage Alabama, a division of SMG Mortgage a broker for any type of Reverse Mortgage or traditional mortgage product. Visit out Huntsville office or by appointment Scott and / or Saul can come to clients houses in neighboring areas such as house calls to areas like Madison, Owens Cross Roads, Hazel Green, Athens, and Decatur, Alabama.

Saul Ginsburg has always been an expert in Huntsville working with home buyers, realtors, and home builders and helping them with the best product for their needs – which might be any type of traditional mortgages such as Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, and Jumbo in Huntsville, Alabama. Click here to go to Saul’s Huntsville page with a mortgage calculator.

Call Scott Underwood (256) 677-9767 or Saul Ginsburg at (256) 479-9334 for Reverse Mortgage information and call Saul for your traditional mortgage, and refinance information.