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Retirement Planning News using a Reverse Mortgage

I try to post news articles several times a week on Retirement Planning News using a Reverse Mortgage. The financial planning community has begun to take a different look at the new safer Reverse Mortgage as a supplemental income tool due to age longevity. News at the bottom where FINRA where they remove the take on Reverse Mortgages from NO to YES.

Help for Grey Divorce

Retirement Experts aren’t showing their client a way to help supplement retirement income.

Not enough Retirement Savings

Read $5 thousand dollars to retire on

How does the Growing Line of Credit work?

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Don’t Worry About the Market Unless Your Retirement Depends on it. Retirement Daily and Its Editor, Robert Powell. Read More

How not to run out of money in retirement.This column was provided to The Associated Press by the personal finance written by Liz Weston is a columnist NerdWallet. Read Story

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Retirement Crisis from CBS NEWS MONEY WATCH

Three reasons to pay off your mortgage. Fox News and Motley Fool

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More seniors are getting divorced and judges are separating assets with a Reverse Mortgages.  Read Story

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Robert C Merton. Nobel Prize-winning economist talks about Reverse Mortgages.Read story   

Product vs Process  Read Motley Fool Article    Many uses and users benefits for a Reverse Mortgage HECM. Read

Financial planners should avoid error by omission and consider reverse mortgages     Read

FINRA (Financial Advisor Planning organization) for the purpose of protecting investors) Debunks Reverse Mortgage Misconceptions Potential borrowers should know all of the facts before getting a reverse mortgage, and a recent podcast from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) clears up some common misconceptions associated with the product. Read

Financial Planners and CPA’s. A reverse mortgage loan is not for everyone. Our goal is to work with trusted financial and legal financial planners and CPA’s to help determine if a reverse mortgage meets the needs of your client. We can accomplish this by providing detailed loan scenarios to you (with your client’s permission) and personal consultation with our staff to help reach a decision that is in the best interest of all parties. We are up front with our clients about the advantages and disadvantages of a reverse mortgage.

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