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Retirement Planning News using a Reverse Mortgage

I try to post news articles several times a week on Retirement Planning News using a Reverse Mortgage. The financial planning community has begun to take a different look at the new safer Reverse Mortgage as a supplemental income tool due to age longevity. News at the bottom where FINRA where they remove the take on Reverse Mortgages from NO to YES. Financial Planers are supposed to give their clients the best and all advise. I have many recommending their clients get a Reverse Mortgage because they are guaranteed by the FHA and not subject to stocks declining or real estate declining. I have put Retirement Planning News links here because some very trustworthy nationally known economists and financial experts are writing good things about the Reverse Mortgage.

Boomers lack one months savings

FINRA on board with Reverse Mortgages

Robert C Merton. Nobel Prize-winning economist talks about Reverse Mortgages.

Are Reverse Mortgages unduly risky?

Financial Columnist changes mind on Reverse Mortgages

$1 Million in Retirement Savings Can Disappear in 11 Years

Some Financial Planners are still misinformed

Lifestyle Senior Mortgages

The Mortgage Professor. Curbing HUD losses on HECM

96% of High Net Worth Advisors say Clients Want to Remain at Home

10 ways to boost retirement income by Motley Fool

NAELA journal- HECM as Alternative to LTCI. This idea I had shown Elder Law and Financial Planners for a wile and they didn’t like it.

Retirement Countdown 5 year plan.

Washington Post- When to Draw Social Security

Help for Grey Divorce

Retirement Experts aren’t showing their client a way to help supplement retirement income.

Not enough Retirement Savings

Read $5 thousand dollars to retire on

How does the Growing Line of Credit work?

One Risky Reverse Mortgages safer by Chicago Tribune. Read More

Reverse Mortgage Long Term Care Strategy. Read More

Don’t Worry About the Market Unless Your Retirement Depends on it. Retirement Daily and Its Editor, Robert Powell. Read More

How not to run out of money in retirement.This column was provided to The Associated Press by the personal finance written by Liz Weston is a columnist NerdWallet. Read Story

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 Positioning Reverse Mortgages as a solution in a down market  Read Story

Three reasons to pay off your mortgage. Fox News and Motley Fool

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