Reverse mortgage improved

Reverse mortgage improved. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Reverse mortgages have improved, but buyer still must beware. Chicago Tribune.  By Elliot Raphaelson, Tribune Content Agency. The Savings Game July 5, 2016. I like to bring unbiased news to people considering a Reverse Morgage, and most financial and economic teacher, writers, and providers have changed thier opinions on […]

Options Boost Social Security

Options Boost SAocial Security- Still Available for Couples to Boost Social Security Benefits By Rachel L. Sheedy Even as some popular strategies phase out, coordinating claims remains a critical move to maximize payouts. There’s a new world order when it comes to claiming Social Security benefits. In late 2015, Congress axed two popular strategies that helped […]

Professional Reverse Mortgage FAQs

Professional Reverse Mortgage FAQs. Reverse Mortgage Alabama Financial Planners  In Home Care Providers   Financial Planners How can advisers help prepare a client for an unexpected early retirement? Call any time and Ill be happy to put together something for you and your clients. Many people have asked me to come meet with thier advisor […]

Reverse Mortgage Questions

Reverse Mortgage Questions.  5 Reverse Mortgage Questions You Should Ask First by Michael Lazar. Taking out any type of home loan is one of the biggest financial decisions that most people will make in their life. So when it comes to reverse mortgage questions, it’s always helpful to prepare a list beforehand. What reverse […]

FINRA Financial Planners

FINRA Financial Planners. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. FINRA (Financial Planning organization for the purpose of protecting investors) Debunks Reverse Mortgage Misconceptions Potential borrowers should know all of the facts before getting a reverse mortgage, and a recent podcast from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) clears up some common misconceptions associated with the product. The podcast discusses […]

Is Your Reverse Mortgage Originator Licensed

Is Your Reverse Mortgage Originator Licensed. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Is Your Reverse Mortgage Originator Licensed or just Registered The SAFE Act was enacted in July 2008 to help create a national standard for residential mortgage originators.  This is a fantastic idea EXCEPT that if a mortgage originator works for a depository bank, like Bank of […]

Choose a Reverse Mortgage Pro

Choose a Reverse Mortgage Pro. Two Great articles What to Look For In a Reverse Mortgage Pro by “The Mortgage Professor-November 21, 2013 When a mortgage borrower selects a lender with whom to deal, the identity of the firm is much less important to the borrower than the identity of the individual loan officer (LO). Realtors have […]