Preserving Senior Wealth with Reverse Mortgage

Preserving Senior Wealth and Health with Reverse Mortgage On the heels of the last economic rebound came this year’s untimely pandemic outbreak. The remnants of its impact will surely take years to measure, but its universal effect was felt immediately. A call to public health and safety prompted a substantial and abrupt earning shift across […]

Reverse Mortgages Well Suited to Aging in Place Issues

Housing Experts: Reverse Mortgages Well Suited to Address Aging in Place Issues The Reverse mortgage program can be a very valuable tool for addressing issues related to aging in place in the United States, as well as circumventing some problems related to the spread of COVID-19 in senior housing and nursing facilities. However, some issues […]

Reduced Social Security Benefits

Retirement income, social security benefits

Why some retirees could face reduced Social Security benefits unless Congress acts. The Covid-19 pandemic will prompt an unprecedented drop in one measurement, the Average Wage Index, which is used to determine Social Security benefits. Specifically, people born in 1960 could have lower retirement benefit calculations unless a fix is made. Congressional lawmakers have proposed […]