Reverse mortgages cleaned up

Reverse mortgage market has been “cleaned up,” say financial advisors. Innovative approaches to protecting retiree portfolios. CNBC Investor tool kit. Novel approaches include structured notes and no-load modified endowment contracts. No-load modified endowment contracts provide certain minimum guarantees. Deborah Nason | @dnason Once you’ve stopped working, what steps can be taken to protect your retirement […]

PBS TV on Reverse Mortgages

PBS TV on Reverse Mortgages. PBS Program Takes Deep Dive into Reverse Mortgages. A nationally syndicated PBS personal finance program dedicated a solid chunk of a recent episode to the new academic thinking around reverse mortgages and retirement. Jamie Hopkins, an associate professor of taxation at the American College of Financial Services in Bryn Mawr, […]

Reverse Mortgage Retirement Planning

Reverse Mortgage Retirement Planning. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. New Partnership Seeks to Expand Reverse Mortgage Retirement Planning Knowledge by Jason Oliva, brought to you by Alabama's Reverse Mortgage Guy" Scott Underwood for educational purposes. A partnership between The American College of Financial Services and the Funding Longevity Task Force seeks to expand knowledge on issues related to […]