Benefits of In-Home Care

The Benefits of In-Home Care for Dementia Patients Family caregivers are now better able to take advantage of services offered by home care companies. I certainly took advantage of these services throughout my time caring for multiple seniors, including my parents and an elderly neighbor. The biggest challenge I faced, though, was when I hired […]

My nursing home horror story

My nursing home horror story In my line of work, I have seen and heard many nursing home stories. I have a lot of experience helping families use a Reverse Mortgage to supplement the cost of long term care or nursing home care. My recent experience is more disturbing that anything I had previously heard. […]

Reducing Dementia Risk

Reducing Dementia Risk: New Treatment, and A Tried-and-True Remedy This is the age of health breakthroughs, such as a genetic treatment for a rare, inherited form of blindness. That’s wonderful for the comparatively small number of people affected. But what about a much more prevalent condition, currently afflicting five and a half million people — […]