Reverse mortgage as a financial planning tool

Reverse mortgage as a financial planning tool Reverse mortgages, which reportedly have been in use since Deering Savings & Loan issued one to Nellie Young of Portland, Maine, in 1961, have long been viewed with suspicion. Evoking images of late-night infomercials and disreputable loan agencies, the reverse mortgage is the product of last resort for […]

How CPAs Can Help

Accountants Financial Planning Challenges Facing Older Americans. How CPAs Can Help. CPA Journal.  In Brief. As the number of senior citizens in the United States continues to rise, CPAs and financial planners will be increasingly called upon to help individuals evaluate their end-of-life care strategies. The ideal plan is one which is in place before […]

Professional Reverse Mortgage FAQs

Professional Reverse Mortgage FAQs. Reverse Mortgage Alabama Financial Planners  In Home Care Providers   Financial Planners How can advisers help prepare a client for an unexpected early retirement? Call any time and Ill be happy to put together something for you and your clients. Many people have asked me to come meet with thier advisor […]