What Is the Best Way to Use the Equity from My House to Pay for My Care? My estate consists of a single-family home that is totally paid off, with a current value of $1 million. My adult children have no need for, nor do they want, an inheritance. I would like to get the […]


How CPAs Can Help

Accountants Financial Planning Challenges Facing Older Americans. How CPAs Can Help. CPA Journal.  In Brief. As the number of senior citizens in the United States continues to rise, CPAs and financial planners will be increasingly called upon to help individuals evaluate their end-of-life care strategies. The ideal plan is one which is in place before […]

Home Equity Tapping

New Figure Hire Emphasizes Retirement, ‘More Accessible’ Home Equity Tapping Figure Technologies, providers of alternative home equity tapping tools including a sale leaseback offering that is competitive with traditional reverse mortgages, announced a new hire last month that expands the company’s positioning as a vendor of tools that can help seniors in funding their retirement. […]

Bad news: Your 401k

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Bad news: Your 401k won’t give you a decent retirement I wont ever forget a man in Huntsville, AL. Most of my clients are military and very smart. He had planned for retirement just as most people did. He came to see me and told me that his 401k was to last him to age […]

Find The Best Deal

Find the best deal on an HECM reverse mortgage. By The Mortgage Professor:  Jack Guttentag The best deal on a mortgage is usually defined in terms of the interest rate and origination fee charged the borrower. That was my approach in a previous column on the subject. I recently realized, however, that with reverse mortgages, it […]

New Reverse Mortgage vs HELOCs

 ‘New’ Reverse Mortgage vs HELOCs The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s latest changes to the reverse mortgage program have given rise to yet another “new” reverse mortgage — one with lower interest rates and ongoing insurance premiums that enable borrowers to preserve more of the equity in their homes. Some originators say the revised program […]

Reverse Mortgage Qualification

Reverse Mortgage Qualification. Here’s what you need to qualify for a reverse mortgage. What to expect when applying for a home equity conversion mortgage. Home equity conversion mortgages, more commonly known as reverse mortgages, are another avenue for homeowners to add to their financial assets and retirement plans. Reverse mortgages give older homeowners another source […]