Reverse Mortgage Right For You

Is a Reverse Mortgage Right For You? Read Answers to Popular Questions to Find Out Have you heard the term Reverse Mortgage popping up lately? If you’ve been looking for an extra source of income at retirement age, this could be your answer. Before you decide to go through with a reverse mortgage, you need […]

Retirement Savings

Americans Face Retirement Savings Regrets Amid Two-Pronged Crisis When asked for their most common financial regret, Americans yet again pointed to a lack of retirement savings as the top pick. For the third consecutive year, “not saving for retirement early enough” led consumer financial firm Bankrate’s list of money regrets, with 18% of respondents selecting […]


Secrets of wealthier retirees. 4 reverse mortgage loan secrets of wealthier retirees. By Dana Dratch  Some retirees who are in better-than-average financial shape are embracing reverse mortgage loans as a smart financial planning tool. For example, they’re taking out reverse mortgage loans — particularly reverse mortgage lines of credit — in case their investments come […]