What is reversed

What is reversed. New Article from Jack Guttentag “The Mortgage Professor”. AP. The Mortgage Professor: The ‘reversed’ in reverse mortgages and ‘skipping’ payments By Jack Guttentag The Mortgage Professor Occasionally, I like to play professor by answering some of the more interesting questions I have received. The ones I respond to below are all interesting for […]

Senior Housing

Senior Housing. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Getting older is not something you think about until it’s your reality. Creating Housing That Older Americans Will Need. Where grown-ups keep growing. Forbes Personal Finance- Retire Well. Next Avenue. Richard Eisenberg, Contributor There’s a huge, scary disparity between the types of homes growing numbers of older Americans will need […]

Retirement Funding

Retirement Funding.  How retired homeowners can avoid running out of money by Jack Guttentag. Daily Herald Chicago, Illinois. The combination of increased longevity and declines in the coverage of defined benefit pension plans means that, increasingly, retirees risk running out of money because they live too long. Reverse Mortgages can supplement income and supplement retirement […]

Investments for seniors

Investments for seniors. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. I found this great comparison story about investing versus taking a Reverse Mortgage for financial security. Some investments aren’t worth the trouble. The Seattle Times. Business. By Scott Burns Reader is thinking about buying a three-year deferred annuity; expensive home would give owner leeway in a reverse mortgage. Q: […]

Delay Benefits

Delay Benefits. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. I found a great interpretation of what it means to delay taking social security benefits, and how it could help or hurt. Retiring Wise Blog. Finances. Sean Bryant is a freelance writer and owner of www.onesmartdollar.com. As you approach retirement age, there are a lot of aspects in your financial […]

House pays for care

House pays for care. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Using the House to Pay for Grandma. Dent Research Team of Analysts. This is a problem I have worked with adult children for years to provide in home care for parents, but it seems more and more common. Personally my generation is called “The Sandwich Generation” so I […]

Long Term Care

Long Term Care. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit Could Fund Long Term Care. NERD WALLET ADVISOR VOICES There’s a 70% chance that people over 65 will need some kind of long term care, including services such as home care, assisted living and skilled nursing, according to government statistics. There are lots of […]

retirement secrets

Retirement Secrets. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Forbes Retirement The Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets. Great article that breaks down the many wants people are using Reverse Mortgages as a smart financial tool today. The discussion of reverse mortgage costs has several moving parts. Which type of cost combination to choose depends on how you plan […]