Borrower Divide

Borrower Divide. Reverse Mortgage Alabama brings you news titled “A Reverse Mortgage Divide Grows As Borrower Motives Change” by Alex Spanko As financial planners and scholars increasingly advise certain borrowers to take out Home Equity Conversion Mortgages as early as possible as part of their retirement plans, some loan originators are noticing increased interest for […]

Even with Reverse Mortgage

Even with Reverse Mortgage. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Study: Even With Reverse Mortgages, Many Unprepared for Retirement by Alex Spanko A new study shows that about 20% of U.S. households overestimate their level of retirement comfort and more than half may not be able to maintain their standard of living — even when factoring in the […]

New Look

New Look. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Time to take a new look at reverse mortgages. Alain Valles, CRMP Since 1987, reverse mortgages, also known as Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs), have been a viable option for hundreds of thousands of qualified homeowners aged 62 and older. Over the past several years there have been many […]

Relocation Leap

Relocation Leap. Reverse Mortgage Alabama brings you a great news piece for on Retirees should look carefully before leaping into a relocation by Deborah Nason @dnason Many people dream of fleeing to cheaper and warmer climates in their retirement. Advisors caution, however, to watch for unexpected financial and non-financial consequences. Taxes. The […]

Boomers Increased security

Boomers Increased security. Colorado Newspaper. Reverse Mortgage – Increased Security By Jim Doyle A reverse mortgage can be a very effective tool for baby boomers to maintain a secure position during retirement. More and more, financial advisors are seeing the benefit of a reverse mortgage line of credit that will grow annually, and serve as […]

Realtors and Reverse

Realtors and Reverse. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Realtor Panel Presents “Power” of Reverse Mortgage for Purchase. Most realtors have tried this once and had a bad experience, we close in 30 days. Or haven’t realized that they can give their client more buying power and usually leave the client more money to use in retirement. The […]

Ready to retire

Ready to retire. Reerse Mortgage Alabama. TIME MONEY RETIREMENT INCOME. Ready to Retire? Better Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First? by Walter Updegrave When researchers for a recent IPSOS/USA Today survey asked 45-to-65-year olds how prepared they felt for retirement, 59% responded that they felt very or somewhat prepared. The same percentage said they expected […]

Responsible Retirement

Responsible Retirement. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Using Reverse Mortgages In A Responsible Retirement Income Plan. Wade Pfau, FORBES CONTRIBUTOR Professor @ The American College; Principal @ McLean Asset Management Though reverse mortgages have long held a bad reputation, research and public policy in recent years are shedding new light on their potential uses in retirement. The […]