Financial Assessment

Financial Assessment for Reverse Mortgages Looks Better and Better. Financial Assessment is still working, only more so. The Federal Housing Administration’s new policy of requiring financial assessment of the borrower’s ability to pay has cut tax and insurance defaults by nearly three-quarters and serious defaults by almost two-thirds. These results are even better than the […]

HECM Limit Cap

Trump’s Proposed Budget Would Lift Reverse Mortgage Cap. by Alex Spanko The Trump administration’s proposed 2018 budget for the Department of Housing and Urban Development would eliminate the cap on the number of reverse mortgage loans. “This change supports the significant improvements that have been made to the program to reduce risk to the MMI […]

Seniors looking to downsize

 Seniors looking to downsize their homes may want to consider this reverse mortgage purchase option. Washington Post Real Estate By Benny L. Kass. Read story on Washington Post site The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for Purchase allows you to buy a house using a reverse mortgage loan. Do you know that by 2060, the number of Americans […]

Reverse Mortgage Questions

Reverse Mortgages Questions by Forbes Magazine. Personal Finance. The Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets. Next Avenue. Where grown-ups keep growing. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors Richard Eisenberg are their own. This piece is hopefully a beginning to answer your questions about Reverse Mortgages. You’ve likely seen the TV commercials for reverse mortgages, with the […]

Reverse Mortgage Image

Reverse mortgages have an image problem story in Investment News written by Mary Beth Franklin. A rose by any other name may smell just as sweet, but when it comes to a home equity loan, one that is labeled “reverse mortgage” just plain stinks. That’s the conclusion of new research released Wednesday by the National […]

Retire Savings Boost

Retire Savings Boost. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Boost your retirement saving article from Forbes Magazine. How Homeowners Can Get a Retirement Savings Boost from Uncle Sam. Forbes Magazine by Matthew Heimer The idea bounces around in the head of just about every homeowner, or at least every homeowner over 50: If I fall short on my […]

Sandwich Generation

Sandwich Generation. Reverse Mortgage Alabama. The Sandwich Generation: Who is Caring for You? Huffing Post. Ruth Tarantine, DNP, RN Nurse, educator, patient advocate Social worker Dorothy Miller, originally coined the term “sandwich generation” back in 1981, to describe women in their 30s to 40s who were “sandwiched” between young children and aging parents as their […]

What is reversed

What is reversed. New Article from Jack Guttentag “The Mortgage Professor”. AP. The Mortgage Professor: The ‘reversed’ in reverse mortgages and ‘skipping’ payments By Jack Guttentag The Mortgage Professor Occasionally, I like to play professor by answering some of the more interesting questions I have received. The ones I respond to below are all interesting for […]

Retirement Funding

Retirement Funding.  How retired homeowners can avoid running out of money by Jack Guttentag. Daily Herald Chicago, Illinois. The combination of increased longevity and declines in the coverage of defined benefit pension plans means that, increasingly, retirees risk running out of money because they live too long. Reverse Mortgages can supplement income and supplement retirement […]