Think you can’t buy a house if you are an older adult, or self-employed?

Think you can’t buy a house if you are an older adult, or self-employed? It might be possible. ‘There is a misconception that older adults cannot obtain a mortgage.’ How I bought my first house in my 60s I wanted to buy a house of my own. After several years filled with changes in location, […]

Obstacle to a Comfortable Retirement

Workers Say Inflation Is Now the No. 1 Obstacle to a Comfortable Retirement Hoping to retire, crack open a book and relax on the beach sometime soon? Not so fast. The soaring prices you’re seeing at the grocery store, gas pump and — well, everywhere, really — may complicate things. Inflation is now the top obstacle standing in the way of […]

Reverse Mortgages Explained?

 Reverse Mortgages Explained? A reverse mortgage can be a helpful type of home loan for retirees looking to tap into their home equity and cover their day-to-day costs during retirement. Q: My wife and I recently retired and are finally getting around to some much-needed home renovations. We don’t want to drain our retirement fund […]

Half of Americans Without Retirement Plans at Work

Half of Americans Without Retirement Plans at Work Nearly half of workers in the U.S. do not have access to retirement plans at work, according to a new AARP study. Nearly 57 million people — 48% of American private sector employees ages 18 to 64 — work for an employer that does not offer either […]

Should I sell and rent or get a reverse mortgage

Should I sell and rent or get a reverse mortgage? I found this great article I wanted to share comparing all senior housing options. What to consider before selling your home or getting a reverse mortgage. The math reveals the real costs for retirees. A woman in her 80s is sitting on her couch at […]

Comfortable Reirement

Comfortable Reirement – Improve YOUR retirement with NO monthly mortgage payments Imagine an opportunity that would provide you with significant net/non-taxable funds to use for any purpose that you may desire, with no mortgage payments ever required on any available monies used! Many retirees are learning how to maximize their golden years and take advantage […]

Social Security benefits

Retirement savings being eaten up. A reverse mortgage can help with that

Social Security Recipients Could Get a Massive 11% Raise Next Year Surging inflation could lead to the biggest boost to monthly Social Security benefits since 1981. The 2023 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, would be 10.8% if inflation continues at its current pace, according to a new prediction from the non-profit Committee for a […]

Reverse Mortgage Information for 2022

Birmingham's Reverse Mortgage Guy

Reverse Mortgage Information for 2022 The reverse mortgage is a fantastic product, but it’s not the right solution for everybody. Is it right (or wrong) for you? In this article, we’ll cover key reverse mortgage information for 2022 to help you decide if a reverse mortgage is the right solution for you.  There is quite a […]

What Is a Reverse Mortgage

What Is a Reverse Mortgage, and How Does It Work? What Is a Reverse Mortgage? A reverse mortgage is a type of home loan for older homeowners. Unlike traditional mortgages, they don’t require homeowners to make monthly payments. Instead, the borrower receives payment from the lender — either monthly, via a line of credit […]

Reverse Mortgage to pay for long-term care

Should you use a reverse mortgage to pay for long-term care? Someone turning 65 has nearly a 7-in-10 chance of needing long-term care in the future, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, and many don’t have the savings to manage the cost of assisted living. But they may have a mortgage-free home […]