Senior Market Professionals

Senior Market Professionals that see a need in Reverse Mortgages

Scott Underwood, ” The Reverse Mortgage Guy” is committed to not only teaching, but learning as well. Senior Market Professionals contact me today with any questions or scenarios that you may be involved with and let me put my over 13 years of Reverse Mortgage experience to work in helping you help those you serve.

Financial Advisors, CPA’s, and Elder Law Attorneys:

There are so many reasons that financial professionals are recommending a Reverse Mortgage today. Most reasons come down to the fact that people werent saving at a pace to last them into the 90s. Could provide source of cash flow while borrower allows their investments to recover from market losses.

A reverse mortgage loan is not for everyone. Our goal is to work with trusted financial and legal financial advisors and CPA’s to help determine if a reverse mortgage meets the needs of your client. We can accomplish this by providing detailed loan scenarios to you (with your client’s permission) and personal consultation with our staff to help reach a decision that is in the best interest of all parties. We are up front with our clients about the advantages and disadvantages of a reverse mortgage. Proceeds received from a reverse mortgage proceeds typically do not affect Social Security or Medicare. Provides access to their home equity without the requirement of monthly mortgage payments. Borrowers must continue to meet ongoing property obligations such as homeowner’s insurance and property tax payments.


We have a Reverse Mortgage for Purchase. This allows senior to purchase a new home with no monthly principal and interest mortgage payments, works well if someone is seling one house and moving to a new one. Part of the proceeds from the last home and the Reverse Mortgage toegher pay for the new home.

In Home Care Providers:

In home care providers can make sure that thier clients know that a Reverse Mortgage is a great tool to help pay for home care. Furthermore, most people dont want to go to a nursing home. The Reverse Mortgage paying out a monthly payment can stretch funds going toward paying for in home health care.


Estate, Senior (GRAY) Divorce, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, the list goes on for specialists that need to know the impact of this powerful financial and planning tool.


Scott Underwood has only been handling the FHA Reverse Mortgage since 2007, and worked in the “senior” market for  over 20 years. He can be reached at (205) 908-2993, or (256) 677-9767.