What to expect

What to expect in the Reverse Mortgage process. I make this as quick and easy as allowable. I personally guide you with the steps. These are Counseling, Application, Appraisal, Underwriting, and Closing. Most people’s common Reverse Mortgage Myths are debunked during Reverse Mortgage (HECM) Counseling!

From an educational standpoint, Reverse Mortgage (HECM) counselors are the first line of defense in the ongoing struggle to dispel the most common reverse mortgage myths and misconceptions. The counselor would also give you an idea what to expect, because what I tell you and they tell you should match!

We are a direct FHA Reverse Mortgage lender in Alabama and covering all of Alabama- making house calls to Helena and Homewood, Alabama (and most places in between) this means we can offer lower closing costs using in state providers, and close in 30 days!

What to expect with your Reverse Mortgage. Working personally with me, I try to handle everything I can for you.

You do have to set up your counseling, but I will supply you with between 10-20 phone numbers.

After that we get together and go over the initial application, and sign it.

Those 2 steps allow us to order an FHA case number and order your appraisal.

Once the appraisal is in, you will call and to discuss the value and how it effects our illustration, and mail or email all of this to you.

A few weeks of behind the scenes underwriting, and we are ready to set a closing date. This can be done at your convenience- your house or my office. Three days later you are wired the funds requested.

Thanks for visiting my what to expect page- call Scott Underwood for your Reverse Mortgage needs at 205-908-2993, or 256-677-9767, or reversemortgagealabama@gmail.com.