Reverse Mortgage Examples

Reverse Mortgage Examples

Reverse Mortgage Examples on 3 totally different homeowners with different situations to show how Reverse Mortgages help homeowners with different needs improve their situation!

Homeowner Examples 1). The Challenge:

John is a Mountain Brook, AL widower who lives at home alone. He would like to keep his home but is having trouble making payments and meeting expenses. Even with both Social Security income and pension, he is still short.

The Solution:

John takes out a Tax Free* Reverse Mortgage and takes a lump sum of $55,000 and applies it to his existing mortgage and eliminate the mortgage and the monthly payments. After paying the mortgage off entirely, John’s monthly cash flow rises to $1,691. That’s more cash per month for John to use for living expenses.

John Bosworth, Gardendale, Alabama Age 68

Home Value – $220,000

Approximate Mortgage Balance – $55,000

Homeowner examples 2)

Craig Jenkins, Age 82, and Sylvia Jenkins, Age 78 Calera, AL (Reverse Mortgages are calculated using the age of the youngest home owner.)

Home Value – $425,000

Home Equity – $0

The Challenge:

Craig and Sylvia in Vestavia Hills, AL both take medication to stay in good health. The cost of monthly medicines and treatments makes it difficult for them to find the money needed to maintain the quality of life they once enjoyed.

The Solution:

They take out a Tax Free* Reverse Mortgage with the option of one lump sum totaling $274,000 which is exactly enough to eliminate their $2000 a month mortgage payment. The extra cash flow from their Reverse Mortgage eliminating their house payments more than covers their monthly cost for medication and allows Craig and Sylvia from Montgomery more freedom with much less stress.

Homeowner examples 3)

Kathy Tobias, Age 79, and Rinaldi Tobias, Age 77 in Montgomery, Alabama  (Reverse Mortgages are calculated using the age of the youngest home owner.)

Home Value – $210,000

Home Equity – $100,000

The Challenge:

Kathy and Rinaldi retired in Prattville, Alabama would like to spend their retirement traveling around the U.S. in their RV, but don’t have extra money they would need to help pay for rising gas prices and other added travel expenses.

The Solution:

They take out a Tax Free* Reverse Mortgage that provides them with Almost $400 monthly. This gives them a the extra per month which they can use any way they’d like, and more than supplements their need for gas and RV maintenance.

The Problem & The Solution Examples: Our team has helped many people that weren’t happy where they were living but didn’t think they could move. One wanted to move from Clanton to Pelham to be a mile from his son and the great Birmingham Hospital network.

Homeowner examples. We suggested a (HECM) Reverse Mortgage for Purchase got an older couple with health problems to move closer to Prattville, Alabama and the best hospitals and they had money from the sale of their last home to assist with retirement.

*Be sure to check with your accountant to verify current tax laws. To discuss reverse mortgage examples, don’t hesitate to call Scott Underwood. A trusted expert in the south with over 16 years Reverse Mortgage experience. I can be reached at (205) 908-2993, (888) 220-0393 or Offices in Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama. We also coverall of Alabama including Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Dothan, Mobile, Alabama.