Rule Change Reverse Mortgages

 Rule Change Reverse Mortgages Positively And Negatively For Retirees. Forbes. Jamie Hopkins , CONTRIBUTOR. Personal Finance #Regulation A number of recent articles stated that the government’s new reverse mortgage changes (Mortgagee Letter 2017-12) will make the program less attractive to borrowers. However, this might have been an initial overreaction. While the program is being adjusted, the […]

Reverse Mortgages That Work

Reverse Mortgages That Work A path to provide retirees with financial flexibility and security. brought to you from Kiplinger Magazine and Scott Underwood- Reverse Mortgage Alabama. Many homeowners in or near retirement face a quandary. Their wealth is tied up in their home—two-thirds of the average retiree’s net worth is home equity—yet they’d rather not […]

Reverse mortgage is a boon to seniors.

Reverse mortgage is a boon to seniors.Washington Post.  editorial “A welcome reversal” The now 30-year-old federal reverse mortgage program enables seniors to use the equity in their homes to supplement retirement savings and support aging in place. In response to concerns that seniors were spending their money too quickly without preserving cash to pay for property taxes […]

Get reverse mortgage counseling

Get reverse mortgage counseling first is a great idea and will help you make a decision much easier. The FHA/HUD counseling is impartial and will help you decide weather the Reverse Mortgage makes sense for you! Ben Carson, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has recently put new restrictions on reverse mortgages. ANDREW HARRER reprinting Bloomberg, […]

Welcome change of course

A welcome change of course from the Trump administration from Washington Post Virginia Rayford, 92, is facing foreclosure on her Washington home. (Salwan Georges/The Washington Post) By Editorial Board September 5 at 6:59 PM THERE ARE many good reasons for the federal government to intervene in the economy, but diverting resources from less affluent first-time home buyers […]

Home Mortgage Brokers Future

Home Mortgage Brokers Future Changing home mortgage deduction would discourage homeownership: Toll Brothers CEO Making changes to the popular mortgage interest rate deduction would be “very bad policy,” Toll Brothers CEO Doug Yearley told CNBC. Industry sources told CNBC reducing the deduction is on the negotiating table as Republicans work to hammer out a tax reform […]

HECM product

HECM Product. Product vs. Process. Written by a financial planner with nothing to gain from Reverse Mortgages. By Stephen Kelley, CSA I have said it several times and written it in dozens of places, including books, columns, radio scripts (such as they are) and workshops: A good financial plan must be both financially and emotionally sound. […]