Rise of single woman buyer

WSJ: The Rise of the 55+ Single Woman Home Buyer with HECM for Purchase Single women over 55 continue to be a growing segment of the homebuyer population, according to research presented in a recent Wall Street Journal article. Citing research form Ralph McLaughlin, the founder and chief economist at Veritas Urbis Economics in Alameda, Calif., the article states […]

Seniors Behaving Badly in Care Facilities

Seniors Behaving Badly in Care Facilities Disagreements, fights and controlling behavior among humans are inevitable. Seniors are not exempt from these natural behaviors, especially when many of them are living together in close quarters. Conflicts in senior living facilities range from small misunderstandings to full-fledged flare-ups between staff members and even other residents. Nearly 7,000 […]

Healthy Marriage While Caregiving

Healthy Marriage While Caregiving Caring for an aging parent can be stressful beyond belief. In fact, full-time caregivers are at increased risk for depression, health problems and substance abuse. It only makes sense that the strain can also take a serious toll on caregivers’ relationships with their significant others. While the things necessary for maintaining […]

10 Ways to Boost Retirement Income

10 Ways to Boost Retirement Income Don’t assume that your retirement income is fixed. You can increase it — and live off of more money in the future. by Selena Maranjian- The Motley Fool If you think of the term “fixed income,” you probably think of retirees. After all, people in retirement are typically relying […]

Retirement Countdown 5 Year Plan

Retirement Countdown 5 Year Plan For most of your working life, it wasn’t exactly a pressing concern. You might have pondered it for a few minutes as you skimmed your company’s benefits handout, checking to see if your new glasses were covered or if you’ll be reimbursed for your gym membership. Retirement was more like […]

Social Security benefits

What you don’t know about Social Security benefits could cost you For so many, Social Security is the safety net they just cannot live without. But knowing when to collect your benefits and understanding the system’s complex rules can be very vexing. In a poll earlier this year conducted for MassMutual, nearly half of respondents […]

Nest Egg Booster

USA Today Lists Reverse Mortgages as a Key Nest Egg Booster USA Today listed reverse mortgages among multiple potential options for retirees to build their nest eggs, specifically pointing to the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage’s line-of-credit feature. Citing Kerry Uffman, founder of TWRU Private Wealth Management in Baton Rouge, La., writer Robert Powell positioned the product as […]

Is retirement really harder now?

Is retirement really harder now? Is funding retirement really harder than in years past? In a nutshell, yes. There are many reasons this is true, but following are the three list-toppers: First, people are living longer. When Social Security began in 1935 the average life expectancy was 61. Now, life expectancy is almost 86. Most people […]