Retirement Crisis

 Retirement crisis – how to avoid your own Various reports have weighed in on whether America is facing a “retirement crisis.” One study found, for instance, that while just 8.8 percent of people currently age 65 and older are impoverished, 88 percent of Americans still believe the nation faces a retirement crisis. Sources of disagreement include whether […]

New Reverse Mortgage vs HELOCs

 ‘New’ Reverse Mortgage vs HELOCs The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s latest changes to the reverse mortgage program have given rise to yet another “new” reverse mortgage — one with lower interest rates and ongoing insurance premiums that enable borrowers to preserve more of the equity in their homes. Some originators say the revised program […]

Reverse Mortgage Qualifying

Reverse Mortgage Qualifying. AARP Weighs in on the ‘New’ Reverse Mortgage Math The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s recent changes to the reverse mortgage program have garnered mixed reviews from the industry, as some laud the rules for helping seniors preserve more equity, while others lament the fact that fewer borrowers may be qualifying […]

Reverse Mortgages Make Sense as Retirement Funding

Reverse Mortgages Make Sense for Retirement Funding Few, if any, retirees like the idea of going into debt to fund retirement. Yet with more and more households coming up short on cash savings, millions of retirees have turned to reverse mortgages as a source of retirement income. Although hardly ideal for financing retirement, reverse mortgages […]

Tomorrow’s Retirees Face Shortfalls

Tomorrow’s Retirees Face Shortfalls, But Reluctant to Explore HECMs Many studies have explored the ways in which current seniors find themselves ill-prepared for their retirement years, but a new analysis from Boston College finds that the picture looks even bleaker for future generations. The vast majority of households aged 65 and older reported not having […]

Reducing Dementia Risk

Reducing Dementia Risk: New Treatment, and A Tried-and-True Remedy This is the age of health breakthroughs, such as a genetic treatment for a rare, inherited form of blindness. That’s wonderful for the comparatively small number of people affected. But what about a much more prevalent condition, currently afflicting five and a half million people — […]