Another Look at Reverse Mortgages

Another Look at Reverse Mortgages Believe it or not, reverse mortgages had been around long before former Sen. Fred Thompson became a spokes person for American Advisors Group, one the largest players in the reverse mortgage industry. In fact, the first reverse mortgage was issued in 1961 to Nellie Young in Portland, Maine, by Nelson […]

Retirement Savings

Americans Face Retirement Savings Regrets Amid Two-Pronged Crisis When asked for their most common financial regret, Americans yet again pointed to a lack of retirement savings as the top pick. For the third consecutive year, “not saving for retirement early enough” led consumer financial firm Bankrate’s list of money regrets, with 18% of respondents selecting […]

5 Income Strategies

5 Income Strategies to Supplement Social Security in Retirement. If you want income, annuities aren’t the only way to go. Social Security is only designed to replace about 40% of the average retiree’s income, leaving two options — either dramatically reduce your standard of living, or create additional income from other sources. While annuities are […]

Only 5K for retirement

One-Third of Americans Have Less than $5K for Retirement The grim outlook for many Americans approaching retirement age has some new stark statistics: One-third of respondents in a recent survey said they’d saved less than $5,000 for retirement. Among baby boomers, one third said they had $25,000 or less in retirement cash available, according to […]

Line of Credit Payment

DEFINITION of ‘Line-of-Credit Payment Plan. A recent article on investopedia that explains ye line of credit benefit. A method of receiving reverse mortgage proceeds that lets the homeowner borrow funds only as needed. The line-of-credit payment plan establishes a total amount the homeowner can borrow, called the initial principal limit, based on the homeowner’s age, the home’s […]

Stock Market Uncertainty

Exploring Home Equity Amid Stock Market Uncertainty. The recent volatility in the stock market has brought stress and uncertainly to many retirees and investors. So far, the roller coaster ride has yet to significantly impact the reverse mortgage industry, loan originators said, but that could change if stocks continue to lose value. As companies were […]

Organized While Caregiving

Strategies for Getting (and Staying) Organized While Caregiving  Caring for a vulnerable elder can be rewarding as well as frustrating. It can increase our self-esteem to know that we are helping someone in need, but it can also burden us as we grapple with this difficult task and the fact that we aren’t perfect caregivers. […]

Caregiving – Siblings Don’t Help

Top 3 Excuses From Siblings Who Don’t Help With Care giving Unfair as it may seem, even in families of many adult children, one sibling us-ually becomes the primary caregiver for their aging parents. In many families, such as mine, this person is the one who lives the closest to the parents and/or is most […]