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Reverse Mortgage Guy – Scott Underwood

Scott Underwood has devoted 100% of his time to the Reverse Mortgage industry in Birmingham, Alabama and many other areas in Alabama since 2007.

After helping seniors fully understand the Medicare Part-D drug plan. He has been working in in the senior market in Birmingham since 1994.

Scott is one of those people who cannot sell a product unless he fully believes in it. He researched the Reverse Mortgage in depth and decided this was like the new Medicare Part-D plan; he just needed to become extremely educated with the product and learned about how homeowners could benefit from an FHA Reverse Mortgage. News Articles, click to read Reverse Mortgage History   US News – How to find the best lender.

He knew of several family members with reverse mortgages and they seemed to be having a stress-free retirement. And thought this would be a compliment to insurance sales. But a month later he was full time.

“Alabama’s Reverse Mortgage Guy” was name given to Scott on a radio talk show here in Birmingham. Scott Underwood has a fantastic team behind him insuring your Reverse Mortgage is done in 30 days. Being a broker for all of the major lenders, we can offer great rates and exceptional service resulting in closings within a month! Scott personally meets with 90% of his clients and because we are local it means faster closings and lower local closing costs.

Scott Underwood has been in the Alabama Reverse Mortgage industry since early 2007, Reverse Mortgages are all that he handles, so let his experience and the convenience of being local benefit you. He is in certain areas to meet you face to face to explain all about the Reverse Mortgage.

He is happy to work with homeowners anywhere in Alabama- deal with Birmingham, Alabama’s experienced Reverse Mortgage broker by phone, email, or overnight mail.

Call Scott Underwood “Alabama’s Reverse Mortgage Guy” for a personal consultation and start learning about the many uses of a reverse mortgage, such as—how to eliminate your current mortgage payment; pay off your credit cards; supplement your retirement income; plan for long-term care—just to name a few! I will provide you with a free no obligation booklet, illustration, education, pros, cons, advantages, disadvantages, financial planning, most anything about Reverse Mortgages especially what your specific needs are?

Reverse Mortgage Alabama is a division of SMG Mortgage has convenient Alabama offices located in Birmingham (205) 908-2993, and Huntsville (256) 677-9767. We can usually make arrangements to meet with you within 2 hours of Birmingham.

To learn more about Scott’s N.M.L.S. license number is #206339 SMG Mortgage license 221195 or check out other Reverse Mortgage loan officers, and about their training and time in the industry, visit the N.M.L.S. consumer access website. National Consumer site.